Affiliate programs for back end profits

All mini e-books have the potential to make a profit for the author (you) – either by generating traffic to your site – or by giving you subscribers valuable offers from your own product range, or a list of carefully selected offers.

Finally you can build your back end income through affiliate programs. Looking through various sites such as,,, and you should find many affiliate programs matching your needs in your niche. All of these sites contain lots of affiliate programs – from traditional ‘brick and mortar’ stores to a multitude of online sites.

You should always try to include some information or outline how to make a profit with your affiliate sign ups – and explain why you feel these affiliate programs work well with your mini e-book – those explanations should support your readers and offer information as to how to best use these other products, and add insight to how you’ve used and created a solid income with them. Key to this is actually using the affiliate links that you’re recommending.

You could also circulate your E book free, giving your traffic a boost – and distributing your affiliate link to more people – receiving opt ins rather than sales – and then you can customize your auto responder to teach subscribers – and use your affiliate links to willing readers. This will give you more chances to build back end sales, and provide useful resources to your subscribers and readers.

Your choice of affiliate programs will reflect on your e-book, so choose carefully – high quality links will do far better in the long run than lots of lower quality offers and affiliations.

Using a combination of the above methods you can generate a steady stream of passive income in conjunction with your mini e-book, and provide your readers with more tools to aid in their online success.

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