Automated Telemarketing and Its Benefits

Automated telemarketing is one of the most commonly used methods of handling calls in the telemarketing field. A number of automated dialers were developed these days, and many reports have noted that there has been a rash of automated calls in the last few months.

On the most basic, what particularly sets the automated telemarketing different from the other methods is that they are the computer-based automated dialer type of call. The automatic dialer uses a computer program that selects a wide range of contacts to automatically dial and send a recorded message. The calls usually come from lenders, credit card companies, travel agents, and other organizations.

There are a lot of benefits that automated telemarketing offers. The most obvious of them is the fact that it allows your customers to interact with important databases without the need for agent intervention. Automated telemarketing also allows you to reach out to buyers and prospects quickly, effectively and inexpensively. Some telemarketing companies even noted that this method can help you generate highly profitable inbound and outbound telemarketing results by lessening the costs.

In automated telemarketing, an interactive voice response (IVR) technology is often employed. It is this technology actually that provides effective and affordable telemarketing services. IVR, on its most basic, enables callers to interact with databases to accomplish repetitive tasks at the lowest possible price.

Another great thing about the automated telemarketing with IVR is that the inbound IVR can be used for a wide range of applications, such as inbound telemarketing, help desk, disaster backup, and even customer surveys. And, if you are considering a telemarketing lead generation campaign, you can also use automated telemarketing to ask callers for more information and the IVR itself can document the calls into a priority database. With the use of this technology, the telemarketing company can even capture the callers’ information and transfer the calls screened by the IVR to the telemarketers and agents. It’s no wonder then that most telemarketing companies today are able to offer the best of both automated and live agent inbound telemarketing.

The use of automated telemarketing is also beneficial to the customers and prospects. The automate dialer used by most telemarketing companies can in fact assist the customers with finding the store or office. This is due to the fact that the automated dialers can capture where the caller is located through the so-called automatic number identification (ANI), or by simply having the IVR menu ask them.

Finally, what makes the automated telemarketing great is that it helps build new and existing customer relationships, particularly on the inbound automated telemarketing calls. With automated telemarketing, the agents can take orders quickly by simply capturing the order numbers, quantities, addresses, as well as credit card information. It can even deliver voice messages to businesses and consumers even when no one is there or is answering the phone.

However, despite all these benefits, there are some states that prohibit the use of automated telemarketing. The state of Washington is an example to this. There are certain laws that prohibit telemarketing companies to use automated telemarketing, thus it is best that you know exactly the rules before employing any automated method for your telemarketing business.

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