Avoiding some common e-book mistakes

There are three very common e-book mistakes. Mistakes that can cost you your hard work and time much faster than any other mistake you’ll ever make – ones which are easily avoidable and but can be very hard to remedy.

The first of these mistakes is not providing a strong reason to redistribute your e-book – although you’ll find that ‘free’ goes a long way, you’ll also find that some people aren’t inclined to redistribute free – they won’t read the e-book, or just won’t find the time to create a way to offer it to others via their affiliate link. So you’ll have to offer some form of attractive bonus to the people downloading it to redistribute your e-book. That bonus could be anything from a percentage or ALL of the OTO in your membership area, or the ability to sell the book themselves – or some other valuable items that give them a reason to distribute your book to their lists.

The second of these mistakes is failing to create a buzz – hyping your product before launch is a great way to ensure that people will be clamoring to get it – but at the same time, don’t over promise or under deliver. Its important to remember that you’ll need to create honest buzz, so that people beat a path to your door to download your content.

The third of these is not finding a joint venture partner or group of people to help you distribute your book – affiliates are great when you’ve reached critical mass, and pay per click and search engine results won’t hold a candle to the amount of promotional traffic a strong joint venture partner will bring you.

And there it is – the three most common mistakes that you can make and the easiest ways to avoid them – avoiding them, though perhaps a bit more time consuming, but well worth it in the long run.

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