B2B Networks for SOHO’s

We’ve been examining ways for a SOHO business owner to develop a web-site, initializing the site and marketing the site through a search engine. We’ve come to the conclusion that the Internet is a big network and that you have a place on the net for your business. The internet is also great for exchanging data about your SOHO business, networking with other resources and gathering information about existing or new markets.

Business-to-Business (B2B) web communities are popping up all over the web and you, as a business owner should take advantage of this opportunity. What is a B2B web community? It’s a community that sells goods or services to other businesses on the Internet. If you can visual the industrial area of your town with several businesses selling to those businesses in that district, that’s what a B2B web community resembles.

A B2B web community also offers industry analysis, purchasing opportunities, search engines indexed by industry titles and electronic storefronts. A B2B web community is indeed a big marketplace that highlights a specific topic, product or service.

A great example would be the restaurant industry. There are various B2B transactions involving the industry that other businesses can meet. There is the business of selling restaurant furniture, distributing food and beverage, restaurant consulting, farmers market and of course the restaurant itself that sells food and drinks.

In a web B2B network, all of these businesses are categorized under one portal and indexed according to their service. Let’s call this B2B portal, www.coloradorestuarantbusinesses.com . When a restaurant person visits the web-site, he’ll find a virtual marketplace with all the restaurant professionals under one virtual roof. If the person is looking for restaurant furniture, they would click the link entitled “restaurant furniture” and get a list of suppliers in the area. If the person was looking for a caterer, the same process would apply. This is why it’s called a B2B network!

You can go through your trade association and ask them if they have a B2B web community which you can link your web-site to. For some B2B networks, you may have to pay a small fee but it’s worth it!

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