Be Easy with Your Payments Schemes through Hosting Billing

Since the advent of the Internet, the utilization of computers has been greatly expanded. Today, more and more people are buying computers not only for their own use but more on the commercial purposes.

No wonder why most businesses can be found online. Not only because they provide easier means of earning money but they can also give you the conveniences that you need.

Among the many facilities that the Internet has to offer, hosting billing scripts are one of the most popular online.

Why? Simply because hosting billing scripts provide the appropriate services needed to obtain the income that online businesses needs profits.

With hosting billing, you do not have to hire a third party merchant just so you can retrieve your payments in exchange of the products or the services that your business offers.

Hosting billing is one type of script that allows you to accept payments and can work with any type of payment schemes. These things are all built to facilitate the payment method online. Just be sure that you use the proper form of script to be able to generate the results that you want.

There are many forms of hosting billing scripts. However, two of the most popular hosting billing scripts are the AccountLab Plus and the PhpCOIN. They may have their own differences but they all have the same function and can work with almost all of the available payment methods in the Internet.

To know more about hosting billing, here is a detailed explanation of each type of script:

1. AccountLab Plus

In order to utilize AccountLab Plus, it is important that you know its basic requirements. Like any other scripts, AccountLab Plus requires MySQL database and PHP programming language. It should have been installed in your system long before you start using this type of hosting billing script.

The slightest and minimum requirements of AccountLab Plus are a version 3 or 4 of MySQL or PHP 4.2 or beyond that mark.

Aside from the minimum requirements, AccountLab Plus is also dependent on the “allow_url_fopen” and it must be put to its “ON” mode in your php.ini it is also dependent on “mhash” for its “”

This type of hosting billing can work well with most popular online payment methods like Web money transfer, Asianpay, ProxyPay, PayPal, e-Gold, Stormpay, and Worldpay.

Moreover, AccountLab Plus can almost work with other web servers such as Cpanel and Plesk. This goes to show that this program can easily motivate web servers to act accordingly to the services they were expected to perform.

It is also used to list down their domain names. One good example of this is the Directi.

The benefits of AccouintLab Plus do not just circulate around the society. The news can travel to far places and can distribute the information as remotely as possible.

However, if you are not sure why you would like to obtain some scripts like hosting billing, here are some of the benefits that you can get.

a)Subdomain hosting

b) Customer’s markdown amounts

c) FAQ or frequently asked questions

d) Presently supported “domain registars”

e) It can give you the flexibility of creating your own templates and add them to your complete list of templates.

Since this type of script entails a lot of physical stamina before doing anything, it is best that he gets this AccountLab Plus.

You can readily download them from your website. Certain urls and other products are safely kept. This is for your own safety.

2. PhpCOIN

Like the AccountLab Plus and other types of hosting billing, PhpCOIN can also give you the security that you need. It can give you innovative security measures that you and your website needs.

Like its counterpart, PhpCOIN can also provide you with some promos and specials. They can even give you coupons which you can truly make use of.

They can also give you customer’s discount as well as credits every time you use your PhpCOIN. It also has its own FAQ to give solutions to people’s frequently asked questions.

Indeed, setting up various websites without a good hosting billing script will have the tendency to fail online. It is extremely important that you consider the best hosting billing script to answer your business’ needs.

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