Beginner’s Guide To Opt-In Email List Capturing Using A Blog

A blog is a frequently updated website that concentrates on specific topics that can be as varied as finance and culinary arts or health and show business. It can even be created as a personal diary online. What makes blogs different from ordinary websites is the easiness of creating them; one does not need to learn web design languages like HTML to make a blog.

With the convenience of blogs, it is no surprise that they were eventually utilized for Internet marketing purposes. In fact, blogs are now considered far more effective than ordinary websites with regard to reaching out to prospects and getting the pulse of consumers as a whole. Bloggers and webmasters alike have recognized that blogs generated higher traffic than marketing by means of search engines.

It was also just a matter of time after the rise in popularity of blogs that they were integrated with one of the most powerful marketing tools in the Internet. Blog owners have realized the huge possibilities offered by email marketing to boost visitor traffic and profits using their blogs. So today, blogs are used to capture opt-in email lists. Most online marketers know that an opt-in email list is indispensable for any online marketing.

An online venture, big or small, can greatly benefit from an opt-in email list as this provide a roster of prospects who consent to receive Internet materials such as newsletters and online marketing brochures. An opt-in email list keeps a company informed about consumer characteristics and allows customers or subscribers to be updated about the company’s current products and events.

An opt-in list means a responsibility and opportunity for the online company to send promotional and other information catalogs to subscribers or leads that consent to receiving such materials. As such, email sent through this list is not spam so there is higher probability that such materials are opened and read. An opt-in list email effectively reaches intended readers, making the list a popular online marketing tool of choice.

So to further your online marketing efforts, create a blog and equip it with an opt-in email list capturing feature. Building and growing your opt-in email list by using your blog will make your dream of hitting big in e-commerce more attainable. Here are a few important tips for a productive and unlimited opt-in email list capturing using a blog.

Keep Them Interested

To increase the likelihood that a bee will visit a flower for pollination, a flower must be attractive for the bee. Online prospects are bees and your blog is the flower. To grow your opt-in email list, you must have a considerable traffic of visitors in your blog. The only way to do this is to have a great and interesting topic or content for your blog.

As more and more internet users are visiting your blog, they undeniably want more of your products, opinion, expertise, or what-have-you. And sure enough, they will be willing to sign-up for your opt-in email list for them to continuously receive newsletters or product updates.

Make The Subscribing Process Easy

More often than not, a valid email address is enough qualification for a prospect to be able to join your opt-in email list. Remember more and more people are becoming wary of giving away personal information over the Internet. Asking too much information from potential and existing blog visitors can instantly put out their interest in signing up for your opt-in email list.

If you are really interested in personal information like birthdays or phone numbers, you can easily ask for these data in future correspondences. The key is not to ask for too much in one interaction. After all, once they have subscribed to your blog, you already have the proverbial foot-on-the-door situation. Be patient.

Create A Network

The whole idea about building and growing your opt-in email list is to attract as many people as possible who may be interested in what you have to offer in your blog. You should recognize the fact that the concept of networking is perfectly designed for multiplying the email addresses in your opt-in list.

So try to create a network from your existing subscribers in exchange for some freebies, like iPods or cheap e-books, when they are able to invite a specific number of new subscribers. Get them to invite other people to view your blog. As more and more people visit your blog, the likelihood that new subscribers will sign-up for your opt-in email list is much higher. It is a numbers game.

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