Ebooks are Promotional Powerhouses

Ebooks are part of the new frontier of cyberspace. They are an entirely new medium for sharing marketing information, ideas, techniques, and expert knowledge. Each day the number of people accessing the Internet grows, causing the exposure of your ebook to increase incrementally. It’s obvious why electronic self-publishing has become so popular so quickly.

The publishing industry, I hope, does not intend to forever banish the printed word to the dustbin of history. Books in print have their own special qualities and merits, and the world would be diminished by their disappearance.

Having said that, let’s look at what makes ebooks so important and so unique. Ebooks have certain abilities and qualities that other mediums do not possess.

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The visitor ‘bribe’

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling – or how brilliant your copy is, sooner or later, you’ll need to consider the fact that the money, for most, is in the list.
‘The list’ is your mailing list – and to create a sustainable source of income, you need to develop a list worth hacing access to.

Central to this, and the one of the best ways to convert visitors into subscribers is to bribe them. Not quite in the old fashioned way of offering money – but in the very real way of offering them something for virtually nothing – your mini e-book for their address.

Its important to remember though that people are so used to being deluged with spam, and are naturally distrustful in giving their email address away, that they may use a ‘throw-away’ address for their subscription, which means that your bribe has to actually catch their attention.

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What an E-book Can Do for You

An E-book that includes your marketing message and a link to your website is a proven technique in viral marketing. This method uses the multiplication effect to “explode” the distribution of your message by willing participants.

This is the basic principle that was used by Hotmail to get established. When the two founders set up their free email system, all the messages that were sent by subscribers had a text message at the bottom which identified Hotmail as the origin. People who sent emails to their friends advertised the free email site.

Using viral E-books as a marketing method is cheap. It doesn’t take long to set up and it’s even quicker if you use rebrandable E-books that have been written by others. Just use your favorite search engine and do a web search. You will find many rebrandable E-books that are available on whatever subject you are interested in and that apply to your e-business. One method of distributing the E-book is to offer it to visitors in exchange for subscribing to your newsletter. If they pass it on to their friends and family it will promote your business for you.

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Using articles with reprint rights

Many people offer reprint rights on their articles now a days, and these can dramatically speed up your mini e-book development time by giving you content that you didn’t have to write to use in your book.

It takes a bit of planning, in most cases, but you can follow some proven steps to get yourself in a position to compile a set of articles into a mini e-book.
Your first step is to find high quality content, within your niche – there are a tonne of article directories out there that bring together quality content in one place. Browse them for content that would fit with your e-book and choose your articles carefully.

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What’s the difference between a mini e-book and an e-book?

What makes an E book a mini e-book? Most e-books are over 30 pages in length some range to 300+ pages – like like Ken Evoy’s. Some smaller e-books, cover their topics in 30 to 70 pages. They are complete and all encompassing.

In contrast to the e-book is the mini e-book. And its major difference is its length, under 25 pages or less. And another distinction is that a mini e-book is designed around a very specific and focused niche – it should also give a ‘call to action’ – to make a purchase, seek out more information on your sites or sign up for your mailing list or newsletter, or your blog.

Mini e-books can be a ‘lite’ version of full report that you’ve produced, or a summary of the benefits of your sites – or give information that you support in greater depth on your site. Your e-book should be carefully crafted to answer enough, but keep your readers wanting more – more that you can provide on the site.

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Should you give your mini e-book away?

There is a lot of discussion in the mini e-book niche marketing community about whether to give mini e-books away for free. Many say this leads people to believe they are of low or no value, and to overlook the information – others say its a great way to build trust, your list, and your reputation as a guru.

A great example of the latter school of thought is Jimmy D Brown – he’s built his reputation and empire in the fact that he gives away e-books, which, he says, leads to a higher yield in sales, more significant profits and of course, more sign ups. These sign ups are already interested in what he’s got to say, and know what quality his information actually is, so they are more inclined to purchase from him again.

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Making the most out of giving e-books away

By now you may be wondering how to make the most out of giving away mini e-books. Its easy to see that the best Internet marketers use this method, but you might be unsure of where to start.

The following tips make promoting your mini e-book and getting those all important joint ventures a bit easier:

Tip #1: Many top JV marketers and a lot of the mid range ones don’t like to spend hours creating sales materials and information on something, unless they REALLY believe in it. Make it as easy as possible for them by producing notes on your product, sales pages, graphics, sales letters and any other content they may need to promote your item.

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What is writer’s block?

Well, I just can’t think of a single darn thing to say. Oh well, I’m outta here!

Sound familiar? No! Oh, get real! We’ve all experienced this phenomenon when we absolutely have to write something, particularly on deadline. I’m talking about. . . . .uh, I can’t think of what the word is .. . oh, yes, it’s on the tip of my tongue . . . it’s:


Whew! I feel better just getting that out of my head and onto the page!

Writer’s block is the patron demon of the blank page. You may think you know EXACTLY what you’re going to write, but as soon as that evil white screen appears before you, your mind suddenly goes completely blank. I’m not talking about Zen meditation stare-at-the-wall-until-enlightenment-hits kind of blank.

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Which affiliate programs should I join?

Irregardless of which sort of e-book you create, targeted to any niche – you will probably have some sort of revenue plan in mind, in the short or long term, and one great way to do so is affiliate programs.

Whether you’re looking at selling physical products, such as printed materials, cds, or other types of merchandise or other info products, you’ll be able to find them in places like http://www.paydotcom.com, http://www.clickbank.com, http://www.cj.com, and http://www.linkshare.com.

Once you’ve chosen the affiliate programs that matches up with your product, and niche best, you’ll want to plan how to use them – one long term option is to create a mailing list and create an e-course around the affiliate links, promoting at least one per lesson. Your mini e-book could then be the ‘gift’ you offer for signing up to this e-c0urse.

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Private label rights saves time?

Private label rights, unlike ghostwritten articles, are not exclusive only to you – they do however save you a small fortune compared to hiring a ghostwriter to create content for you – and are still vastly faster and more efficient than writing your own content.

Getting started with PLR is easy – there are dozens of sites out there that offer PLR at a fraction of the cost of exclusive content – you just need to decide what you want, and which membership on which site, or sites offers the most value.

PLR requires editing to use them correctly, or else, lots of people with the same content, from the same membership sites will find that Google deletes them for duplicate content, and if you’re creating mini e-books using unedited PLR, your customers may complain that the content isn’t original, unique or worth their payment. And that’s where most people make mistakes with PLR. Unedited PLR is worthless because many people use it as is, and those people find themselves banned from search engines and with their reputation in tatters.

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