Giving away your mini e-book via your blogs

Blogs are a wonderful, viral tool that you can use to your advantage by giving away your mini e-book via them. If you haven’t got a blog you can get started in about five minutes at places like or Even though you don’t have a sales page on your blog, you can still post about, and link to your new product, and promote via a channel that search engines love, and are increasing in leaps and bounds every day.

Care should be taken when generating traffic for your blog – you can post all about the benefits of your e-book on your own blog, but to get traffic back, you’ll need to consider finding blogs that are in your niche, or promote TO your niche and comment on them – offer something meaningful, as blogging has the same ‘spam’ problems as email, and people are very sensitive to others coming in and simply advertising on their blogs via comments.
Aside from the spam issue, commenting well on other blogs leads to others coming back to YOUR blog to see if you’ve got any other information that they might be interested in – and increasing your status as an ‘expert’ on a certain niche.

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Your E-book is your Viral Salesman

E-books are the future and the future is now. The printed word on paper and bound into books used to be the only way information was given and received. They were great, you could take them with you and put them on shelves and they do still exist and will continue to for the foreseeable future but the time of the E-book has arrived.

The marketing E-book is a slightly different animal from just an E-book. Marketing E-books contain text, images, links to web pages and navigation controls. The marketing E-book has become a very important part of marketing on the Internet.

With a marketing E-book you can present your story in an effective way and include links to your web sales pages. Your E-book can become your best salesman.

First, your E-book needs to be interesting and informative. It always has links back to your web site and to your sales page.

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Hiring ghostwriters

Ghostwriters are a great option when you’ve got multiple projects on, or you simply don’t enjoy writing much. You can simply give them an outline, notes, or a complete template to your hired ghostwriter or ghostwriters, and then await your finished product. It may need light editing to get it to a ‘perfect’ state, but professional ghostwriters, though possibly expensive, can add another professional element to your projects.

Before you hire a ghostwriter or ghostwriters, you’ll need to find some sites to submit your briefs to, and gather bids – or find a ghostwriter that’s worked with someone you trust. Word of mouth recommendations are infinitely less risky, but without knowing that a book is actually ghost written, you may never actually find out which books are ghost written, which makes gathering recommendations for ghostwriters tricky.
The other method – gathering bids on sites, requires that you use freelance bidding sites, such as,, or You’ll need to have a detailed and open project outline to submit to these sites, giving details of what you need, and what time frame you have. These sites allow you to set a budget, but one problem you may encounter is that not every freelancer you hire through these sites are particularly professional or will stick to their bids.

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Offer your mini e-book as an incentive

Offering your mini E book as a gift or incentive for sign ups is a great way to gain subscribers – out with the Internet marketing arena this isn’t a common thing to do, so if your niche is based there, you’ll have less competition.

The only problem with giving away your mini e-book in return for sign ups is that some people will use a ‘junk’ email account – one that they don’t check – to sign up, and then never read anything you’re sending ever again. If you’ve got them to sign up for the auto responder, you may want to consider that you need to reach them via the book, or your very first email – very few people religiously read auto responder based emails, mainly because many people are sick of being bombarded with offers, and things they can’t use. Many web masters are now requesting that people use a valid email address and require that they confirm their subscription before downloading – and explaining themselves in the first email, before giving the download link.

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Understanding E-books

Pros and Cons of E-Books.

An e-book is a digital or electronic copy of a book. Just like e-mail is digital mail.

With the advancement of technology an entire library can be referenced and indexed just at the tip of your fingertips. Millions upon millions of text can be stored in devices that get smaller and smaller every year.

E-books have certainly opened more doors for us to enjoy literature.

Books in digital form can be indexed and searched for a particular text in a flash. With the advancements in technology even e-books captured in image formats can be searched.

E-books take up less space. An entire volume of encyclopedia can be stored in a single compact disk.

Devices for reading e-books make it possible to read even in low light

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Viral mini e-books

Mini e-books are quite simply, one of the most viral tools in your arsenal. While giving them away, you can collect sign-ups – if you give others permission to give them away, you’ll then generate yet MORE sign-ups and buzz in your niche.

Below are some tips on how to go viral with mini e-books:

Tip #1 on “Viral mini e-books”:

Torrents are a great way to get your name out there – and to give people a way to download your book without needing to wait for sluggish servers. It’ll also take the load off YOUR server – peer to peer downloading is both efficient and cost effective, saving web masters bandwidth and hosting fees. Upload your book to as many of the legitimate torrent sites as you can find – even open office uses a torrent system to distribute its software!

Tip #2 on “Viral mini e-books”:

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Co-authoring a mini e-book

You’ve got the niche, you’ve got the idea, but…
There’s a small problem – maybe you’re new to the online business, and though your ideas are fresh – you’ve not got the experience or the ‘guru’ standing to pull it off – or you’ve got an idea, you just can’t – quite – explain it.

So your next option is to co-author or co-create a book with an expert or ghostwriter. You can find them by looking for sites in your niche – and then take the time to contact the webmaster or site owner and ask if he or she is interested in co-authoring a book with you – as with every joint venture though, you have to offer some benefit to your prospective co-author or co-creator.

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Avoiding some common e-book mistakes

There are three very common e-book mistakes. Mistakes that can cost you your hard work and time much faster than any other mistake you’ll ever make – ones which are easily avoidable and but can be very hard to remedy.

The first of these mistakes is not providing a strong reason to redistribute your e-book – although you’ll find that ‘free’ goes a long way, you’ll also find that some people aren’t inclined to redistribute free – they won’t read the e-book, or just won’t find the time to create a way to offer it to others via their affiliate link. So you’ll have to offer some form of attractive bonus to the people downloading it to redistribute your e-book. That bonus could be anything from a percentage or ALL of the OTO in your membership area, or the ability to sell the book themselves – or some other valuable items that give them a reason to distribute your book to their lists.

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How to Write an Ebook

The hardest part of writing is the first sentence. When you look at the whole project, it seems like an impossible task. That’s why you have to break it down into manageable tasks. Think of climbing a mountain. You are standing at the foot of it and looking up at its summit vanishing into the clouds. How can you possibly scale such an immense and dangerous mountain?

There is only one way to climb a mountain ? step by step.

Now think of writing your ebook in the same light. You must create it step by step, and one day, you will take that last step and find yourself standing on the summit with your head in the clouds.

The first thing you have to do, as if you actually were a mountain climber, is to get organized. Instead of climbing gear, however, you must organize your thoughts. There are some steps you should take before you begin. Once you’ve gone through the following list, you will be ready to actually begin writing your ebook.

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Advertising in your E-book?

From affiliate links, to upsell, there are many forms of acceptable advertising in your E book – advertising that you can take advantage of to create additional streams of income, or promote your own products more.

One of the most common ways to add advertising to your book is to add an appendix of recommended resources and more – these resources can be considered a valuable and viable advertising method. These can be from your own products, of matching niche, or area of sale – or from other, select marketers that gives you benefit that you can measure and justify to your readers. Its not a good idea to promote too much, or your book will lose perceived value – add only carefully selected affiliate links.

Another powerful advertising method in your arsenal is to add a promotion for a product right at the start. This should be for one of your own projects, and will give your readers a reason to automatically sign up.

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