Finding Podcast Hosting

For anyone who wants to begin creating a podcast, podcast hosting is the most important part. Before anyone can begin distributing a podcast, they need a place to store the files and keep the feed file that will tell their subscribers about the new episodes available. The first thing required is a domain name where the site will be located. Many domain registrars are available who will help one register a domain name for a small fee. Once the domain is registered, hosting is required, and again there are many different companies willing to do the hosting for a small fee. One of those is, but many others are available. When looking for a host, the most important thing is to make sure that a lot bandwidth and storage space is available and cheap. Since podcasting deals with large media files, a lot of disk space will be taken up storing the files and bandwidth will be eaten quickly when they are downloaded by the subscribers.

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The Podcast for This American Life

The podcast for This American Life allows listeners to download the the shows and listen to them at their discretion. The This American Life team contracts with a site called to distribute the shows to listeners who want to hear them. Despite calling their offering a podcast, however, it is not, at least in the normal sense of the word. A podcast refers to an online setup with an RSS feed that is regularily updated, can be subscribed to, and provides links to sound or video files that can be downloaded and watched by the subscriber. and This American Life do not offer that. Instead, the show’s team allows to receive money for allowing listeners to download the sound files to the computer from’s web site. The only RSS file involved is one specific to the user which allows that user access to the shows they are interested in. Even odder than charging for a supposed podcast, the sound files downloaded are tied to the specific user who downloads them. Unlike the vast majority of podcasts, which allow the files to be distributed and redistributed as the end user wishes, without placing limitations on such, the This American Life podcast restricts the file to a single user.

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Getting Into The Podcasting Bandwagon

There are 22 million owners of portable mp3 players in 2005. 29% of them have tried downloading and listening to podcasts at one point in time. We’re talking about 6,380,000 people who have been exposed to podcasts during a period when podcasting was just in its infancy.

These statistics alone will show you the vast potentials that can be found with the podcasting medium. As an online marketer, you’ll be able to reach a lot of people with downloadable podcasts. Not only this, but podcasting offers a slew of benefits that can only gain momentum in the coming months:

* People respond more to what they could hear rather than what they simply read.
* Podcasts offer a more exciting experience compared to conventional written works.
* Podcasts will attract prospects that you will normally fail to tap.
* Podcasts offer you more leeway in delivering your business message.
* Podcasts would give your business an instant boost in credibility, as people will get to listen to a real voice instead of having to read mere words.

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How to Start Podcasting?

So, you have finally decided that you are going to ride the Podcasting wave and launch your own Podcast. Let me congratulate you because you have taken a decision that will allow you to use the latest technological advancement. There are number of Podcasters airing their shows these days. Many more are coming up every day to join them. But this fact should not stop you from beginning Podcasting. You should have no fear of competition in your mind because the potential of Podcasting is immense and there is still lot more to be done.

Podcasting has become so easy today that you need not be a genius or a hard core techie to start Podcasting. With any body entering this field, many of the Podcasts available are nothing but plain junk. Do not be afraid of the competition. Just try to produce quality that will keep you stand tall among the quantity produced by the crowd. However, in the process you will be able to create a crowd of fanatic subscribers, who will provide a new dimension to your Podcast.

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Podcast Yahoo, a Podcast Directory

Podcast Yahoo, is an example of a very full featured podcast directory. Yahoo’s beta offering presents podcasts from many professional organizations including NPR, Slate Magazine, and others. They also organize their listing by categories, offer a list of the most popular series and episodes currently available, and let users search through the entire database. Yahoo’s site is professionally done, and likely has people permanently assigned to work on it, and so it differs from many of the other podcasting directories available. Many directories are little more than listings of amateur podcasters, but Yahoo’s site brings out a number of feeds done by mainstream organization, raising the level of quality available.

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Finding a Podcast on PSP

There are many podcasts on PSP available. Some of them simply share information on the PlayStation Portable and distribute it to people interested in portable gaming. These podcasts serve as news organizations, sharing audio or visual files talking about the PlayStation Portable and speculating about updates to the PSP. The vast majority, however, take advantage of the ability of the PlayStation Portable’s ability to download and play quality videos on the gaming screen. Developers of the program PSP Video 9 first created a program that could change videos from computer types like .avi and .mpeg to the format used by the Play Station Portable.

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Podcasting: The Hottest Online Word of The Day

If you are a frequent Internet surfer, then Podcasting should not be new word for you because it is the hottest online word today. Though the word Podcasting resembles the word broadcasting in pronunciation but its meaning is very much different from the concept of broadcasting. Putting simply, Podcast is a method of automatically downloading audio files from Internet to your IPod, computer or any other portable media device like MP3 player. The audio file is published using the RSS feeds. The enclosure field of RSS feed includes the details of audio file making it totally different from the ordinary RSS feed. You can imagine it as a talking feed.

Podcasting- Growing Very Fast
Popularity of Podcasting is growing in leaps and bounds. Forrester Research says that the number of Podcasting listeners is going to cross twelve million by the end of this decade. Doesn’t it look like an impressive figure?

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Finding Hip Hop Mix Podcasts

Many music podcasts are available online for downloading; if one wanted to find, for instance, a hip hop mix podcast, there are a few sites available to help. The first possibility would be to go directly to a site which creates one and subscribe to it using a podcast client which automatically checks the feed for new episodes and downloads them for the user. If, however, one did not know of any hip hop mix podcast sites, or simply wanted to find new podcast sites, the best possibility would be to check a podcast directory, a list of podcasts that can be browsed.

Hip hop mix podcasts could easily be found at one of these podcast directories. A podcast directory stores lists of podcasts which have been submitted to the site, and categorizes them by genre, type of podcast, region, and other meta data. To find a hip hop mix podcast, visiting a podcast directory and checking under music podcasts, and then under hip hop music would find many podcasts which play that type of music.

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What is Podcasting and How to Start it?

Podcasting is a system that lets you download audio programs directly to your iPod or other media player. You may listen to these audio programs later on whenever and wherever you want to listen to them. In this way Podcasting allows you to listen to the audio content of your choice without any charge and as per your convenience. Therefore, Podcasting has proved to be a far better alternative to the traditional radio.

How to Start?
Now, how could one start Podcasting? It is a very easy process. You do not need any thing other then an Internet ready computer and a portable media player. Even if you do not have a portable media player, you may start Podcasting with a computer only that has an Internet link. So many sites on Internet help you in getting started with Podcasting. For example, you can get information regarding links to the newest audio files from famous Podcasts on the sites like Podcasting News.

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Pod casting: Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Pod Casting?
If Podcasting is a new word for you the very first question that will naturally strike to your mind is what really this Podcasting is? Podcasting is a very simple process to understand. Podcasters upload audio files to Internet in such a way that the end user can download these audio files automatically with the help of software. For those who are interested in technical details also, Pod casting becomes possible with help of RSS 2.0 news feed. These RSS files store the information regarding the audio files and help the software to download required audio files.

Do I Need to Have Technical Expertise to start Podcasting?
You are not supposed to be a technical expert to start Podcasting. Neither you need to have any kind of special instruments. If you have a computer with Internet connection and a microphone you can begin Podcasting right now and publish your audio shows. People all around the world can listen to your voice. Podcasting is becoming more and more popular because it is free and you can listen to these audio files at you convenience after downloading them to portable media players.

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