The History of Internet Search Engines

Just a little over ten years ago, if a person needed information they were forced to go to the local library and spend hours entombed amongst shelves of books. Now that the internet is available in almost every home finding information is easier then ever before. Now when someone needs information all they have to do is boot up their computer and type their needs into a search engine

A search engine is an information retrieval system that is designed to help find information stored on a ca computer system.

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Search Engine optimization -How Spamdexing Affects the Searcher

Everyone and anyone who has ever used an internet search engine knows the value and frustration of the searches and search engine optimization, it doesn’t matter if you are someone trying to use a search engine to identify a specific piece of information or if you are a business person trying to break into the global ecommerce market, we all have some sort of complaint about internet searches.

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Is Choosing A Domain Name of SEO Purposes Important?

Most businesses started by coming up with a product. This was after months of research in being able to think of something that the market needed and finally revealing it. Sometimes, this happened by accident while working on something else but when it is ready, the only thing for the inventor to do will be to think of a good brand name.

Is a name important? Yes because this is the best way for customers to identify the product or service one has to offer to the consumer.

A good example is a car. A few years ago, one company wanted to introduce a vehicle called “Diablo” to the Mexican market. It sounded good but the idea was scrapped after knowing that this word in English meant devil.

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Designing a Web Crawler Friendly Web Site

The most successful online businesses all have one thing in common. They all knew how to make search engine optimization work for them.

Search engine optimization is the art and science of making websites attractive to the internet’s search engines. The first step in successfully achieving stellar search engine optimization is to lure search engine’s web crawlers to your website. Web crawlers are computer programs that the search engines use gather data and index information from the websites. The information the web crawlers gather is used to determine the ranking of a webpage.

One of the fastest ways to hamper a web crawler is to construct a website that has frames. Most search engines have crawlers that can’t penetrate the frames, if they can’t get into a webpage to read it then that webpage remains unindexed and unranked. Two search engines, Google and Inktome, have web crawlers that are capable of penetrating frames. Before submitting your website to a search engine do some research and find out if they have a crawler that is incapable of penetrating any frames.

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Protecting Your Search Engine Rankings

Your website’s ranking on search engines is a vital element of your overall marketing campaign, and there are ways to improve your link popularity through legitimate methods. Unfortunately, the Internet is populated by bands of dishonest webmasters seeking to improve their link popularity by faking out search engines.

The good news is that search engines have figured this out, and are now on guard for “spam” pages and sites that have increased their rankings by artificial methods. When a search engines tracks down such a site, that site is demoted in ranking or completely removed from the search engine’s index.

The bad news is that some high quality, completely above-board sites are being mistaken for these web page criminals. Your page may be in danger of being caught up in the “spam” net and tossed from a search engine’s index, even though you have done nothing to deserve such harsh treatment. But there are things you can do – and things you should be sure NOT to do – which will prevent this kind of misperception.

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Search Engine Optimization-Budgeting

For arguments sake let’s say that you own a successful bed and breakfast in the middle of Idaho. Currently you rely mainly on word of mouth and repeat customers. You can’t help wandering if creating a website won’t help attract more attention to your little business.

A quick internet search has you rethinking your plans. There are a lot of bed and breakfast’s with web pages. You can’t help but wonder what you could possibly do to get your webpage noticed.

The key to a successful webpage is search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is the art and science of making your website attractive to the internets search engines. The more attractive your website is the search engines the higher they will rank your little bed and breakfast. The higher your website ranks the more people, hopefully, will check your website out.

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Google and PageRank-Search Engine Optimization’s Dream Team

On September 7 1998, two Stanford University students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, co-founded Google, a company they started as part of a research project in January 1996. On August 19, 2004 Google had its first public offering, the one point six-seven billion dollars it raised gave it a net worth of twenty-tree billion dollars. As of December 31, 2006 the Mountain View, California based internet search and online advertising company Google Inc. had over ten thousand full time employees. With a 50.8% market share, Google was the most used internet search engine at the end of 2006.

When Larry Page and Sergey Brin began creating Google it was based on the hypothesis that a search engine that could analyze the relationships between the different websites could get better results then the techniques that already existed. In the beginning the system used back links to estimate a websites importance causing its creators to name it Backrub.

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Algorithms-The Foundation of Search Engine Optimization

In the ninth century Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, a Persian mathematician, introduced algebrac concepts and Arabic numerals while he was working in Baghdad. During the time Baghdad was the international center for scientific study. Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi’s process of performing arithmetic with Arabic numerals was called algorism. In the eighteenth century the name evolved into algorithm. Algorithms are a finite set of carefully defined instruction. Algorithms are procedures that are used for accomplishing some task which will end in a defined end-state. Algorithms are used in linguistics, computers, and mathematics.

Many people like to think of algorithms as steps in a well written recipe. Provided you follow each step of the recipe to the letter you will have an edible dinner. As long as you follow each step of the algorithm you will find the proper solution. Simple algorithms can be used to design complex algorithms.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Explained

Have you ever been in a large group of people all waiting for some famous musician or politician to arrive at an event? How did these people act? What about the reporters at a large murder trial? How did they behave?

Most likely in both of these events you observed a large group of people all fighting to get to the best position to get noticed. There is a lot of pushing and shoving and yelling – basically chaos at its best. Most people would rather not be in this type of situation. It’s all about competition. The small number of people who push their way to the front are the only ones with a chance of getting attention. These are the ones who will be rewarded with whatever is available.

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Controversy Lends a Helping Hand to Search Engine Optimization

It is always wonderful to hear good news. Hearing good news makes us feel good about ourselves, the people around, our dog… heck the world is a better place when we have good news.

Good news might make us feel good about ourselves and the world but there is something deliciously appealing about bad news, especially if it is about someone other then ourselves.

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