Social Networking Is Broken

‘Social network is broken’, now that sounds quite vague, doesn’t it? Social network is the most happening thing today over the Internet. There are hundreds of websites who are trying harder each day to bring millions of people in touch with each other. The most generic options of socializing are through Myspace, blogs, forums, IM / e-mail, phone and even real meetings. They provide the opportunity for both virtual and real meetings.

Many people say that after 18 months of experimenting with websites like RYZE, it is back to square one. You are back to where you initially began. It is quite disheartening at times and that is how networks really get broken. The general question that people have started asking is that how broken is the networking? There are so many websites like Myspace and RYZE that you have to pinch yourself and ask which one to use to contact someone. The next most obvious question is that If there are more than one such website, then which would be the best messaging system? Confusion galore!

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The Five Reasons Why Social Networking Doesn’t Work

Although social networking is the buzzword, yet there are the five reasons why social networking really does not work. There is word on the street that social networking is in deep trouble. Friendster’s CEO, Scott Sassa recently walked away in the face of a rapidly diminishing user base. Friendster has also introduced its own Blogging tool as a part of a moneymaking scheme.

On the other hand, business-networking site LinkedIn used it is innovativeness by charging for listing jobs. Meanwhile, people have started speculating over the death of the pioneer in its field, Friendster. This is due to the launch of the Yahoo 360 beta. There is a good article in this month’s issue of Business 2.0 and it talks about the pros and cons of the indie music-networking site called MySpace. As of now, it is the most successful site with more than $20 million earned through ad sales this year. It has a long list of subscribers too.

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Crossing the Social Networking Chasm – Something of The Past

Crossing the social networking chasm has not been so easy in the past but with technological advances, we will get to see them in a new light. When the world is changing, Simon Rogers of 2Delta has made over 1 million pounds in potential revenues. 2Delta is a reseller specializing in project management software. He has been successful owing to his participation in Ecademy, which is an online networking site. It was just four months in this business when he was introduced to more than 16 opportunities, worth 75,000 pounds each. Out of sixteen, he has already closed four of them. For people like him, Ecademy has been a significant business accelerator. Simon Rogers believes that although 2Delta is just a start up yet he is miles ahead of where he was before Ecademy changed it all. He built each business into a money machine wherein the annual income revenue was $5 million before he sold them and his hopes are on an all time high.

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Social Networking – Linking Like Minds

Social networking has come of age in the recent past. It would be unfair to say that dot-com dreams died during the Internet stock bubble burst. Some have thrived through it and have come out clean and unscathed. One such website would be is the king and probably it will remain the undisputed leader of the dot-com era in the time to come. The home of Robot Co-op is nothing but a mere whitewashed room, and Amazon, the online retail giant, owns this tiny company. Moreover, in this whitewashed room Josh Petersen, the former Amazon director clicks away on his laptop. They have taken a bold step in the sphere of social networking. A seven-member group has spearheaded the creation of a web community, which is based on sharing personal goals globally.

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The 7 Steps to Social Networking Online

There are seven steps to social networking online. The Internet is a vast expanse of space where you can do the unimaginable and form a network, which can be infinite. Every day, a new online networking website seems to pop out from nowhere. It is the most happening hobby or maybe because everyone suddenly want to connect to every one else. Whatever the reasons, at the end of the day it is fun to be a part of an online social networking forum.

There are online communities like Myspace, Tickle and Friendster that can help you connect to people in the same industry for business or help you find new friends for chatting or dating. The joining part is quite simple though you would need an invitation from someone who is already a member there. Once you have signed up, there would be no boundaries. You can connect to anyone, anywhere.

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Myspace-Your Personal Space to End The Boredom

How can one get away or end the boredom created by Internet marketing? Are you a victim of Internet marketing too? Is it driving you up the walls? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you should check this website called It is innovative, different and will take you far from the madding crowd. On Alexa, it has been ranked amongst the top 10 sites. At the first look, you might mistake it for a music website with lots of rock videos but that is not the case. The membership of Myspace is a staggering 62 million and is still increasing. It has profiles of Celebrities such as Bill Clinton, Mick Jagger shoulder to shoulder with profiles of people like you and me. It is like a whiff of fresh air for all those who want to get out of their mechanical world of marketing, sales etc.

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Social Networking and Music: Let the Bands Play

Social networking and music go almost hand in hand and Myspace puts it together in the same package. Music is all about raging hormones and the famous rock stars of yesteryears will nod their head in agreement. In a community like the one provided by Myspace, a music fan can have a whole new community experience. It is larger than life experience where he/she can get to connect with more people than they can ever think of. This type of social networking will change people’s perceptions and the way music is marketed and sold. It not just about US but this change will take place globally. It seems like Internet community has finally come of age.

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Lack Of Defenses At Social Networking Sites

There are social networking websites but then it is marred with lack of defenses at social networking sites. According to Brad Fitzpatrick and his website, 1.5 million users post diary entries to be shared with friends, colleagues and family. It is not surprising that most of the members post extremely sensitive and personal information in their journals.

Members of social networking sites post everything from their suicide plans to professional sabotage and even their wild fantasies or sexual adventures. Brad Fitzpatrick has no pretensions about agreeing to the fact that security has been the least of priorities at When members come to the initial login page, they send their passwords in the clear. But Fitzpatrick has also added that they are hoping to change this next month although the top priority is still the site performance.

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Myspace The Happening Meeting Place

My Space, the moment we utter the words, the first thing that comes to our mind is Is myspace the happening meeting place for people from all backgrounds, communities and countries? Yes! You guessed it right. Myspace is an online networking portal where you can not only find friends but also you can do your own stuff.

You can share you latest groovy pictures, share psychedelic lyrics and notes and even find out if there are any one else as passionate as you are about life. It is a fun, safe and no boundaries kind of site where you can join for some nice and heart-warming experiences. As far as access is concerned, it is an open to all party. You can be a gay or a lesbian, you can be looking for an illicit love affair; you could be wanting to climb up Mt. Everest or simply wanting to take the Harley down the wild side. Whatever the reason, Myspace is just the kind of place for you.

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Protecting Yourself on Myspace

If it is the Internet, then you need protection. Protecting yourself from Myspace would be the first and utmost thing on your mind before you even click away for sign up. When we talk about protection on the Internet, it sounds quite vague. You might think that how can one get protection in space. After the entire Internet is like absolute space.

You can browse through a web page but you cannot feel it. But you must have read this somewhere “Growing number of child molesters using Myspace to arrange meetings with minors” or “Teenage girl kidnapped by older man she met on Myspace” This is not fake, we are talking facts! In fact, there has been such a furor that schoolteachers and parents have stood together to ban myspace. Are they going to succeed? No! Never! Why? Because Myspace is a fun place and it is no more dangerous than riding a school bus or shopping at the super market.

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