Legal Issues Involving SOHO’s

Many people are starting their SOHO businesses without having the proper legal structure in place which can come back to haunt them in the long run.

Most business owners that operate out of their home forget that they are a viable business entity and might need insurance to cover property and liability concerning their business. Most owners don’t take into consideration damages that could happen to equipment or data if disasters, such as fire, water or theft happens.

You may need to update your insurance policy to include a rider that will cover business operations so that if anything happens, the business is covered, especially when it comes to data processing and storing a customer’s data at your home. If you have confidential files, you might want to create the extra security methods to store those files so that if something happens, the insurance will cover you and not hold you negligent in a court of law.

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E-Commerce Online Selling Equals Big Bucks!

Denise’s Floral Arrangements is a home based business that provides silk floral arrangements for weddings, corporate events and banquets. Denise is thinking about a web-site to promote her products and services.

Denise also makes floral arrangements for shipment and she wants to feature this service and product on her web site. She has made the decision that she can make the arrangement and ship the product in specialized boxes to customers around the world. She has heard that the customers can pay for the items online and once she gets notification of payment received, she can ship the item.

What Denise needs is an e-commerce shopping cart function that will assist her in selling her items and services online to people around the world. This would really complete her web-site and turn it into a virtual silk floral arrangement store that people can also purchase items from!

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Using Correct SEO Keywords

Your web presence should be dynamic and have the feel of a million dollar corporation. As a SOHO business, you don’t have to be average on the internet in terms of look, feel or marketing your web-site. Finding your web-site is just as important.

Keywords can assist your site in becoming more prominent. Keywords can assist in giving you a higher search engine ranking and help your site become easier to find. Keywords are very, very important in the grand scheme of marketing your business on the internet.

Let’s look at how keywords are traditionally used outside of the internet. The phone book or an alphabetical index is a great way to look at the effectiveness of keywords. Phone books are formatted from A to Z, alphabetically. The main keywords, which makes the directory, are listed in the phone book with it’s sub-directory under it.

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Making Your Customer Feel Secure

SOHO business entrepreneurs can use the internet to their advantage in areas of advertising, marketing and e-commerce. There is another area that needs to be mentioned and it’s an area that’s titled “Secure E-Commerce Transactions”.

It’s true that people are spending mass amounts of money online like never before! That means that there is profitability for you in whatever your goods or services are but people will feel more comfortable shopping on the internet knowing that their credit or debit card information won’t be compromised or stolen.

Secure system transactions have improved over the last five years making it safe for people to shop online at their favorite store or internet portal. It is your responsibility, as a business owner, to ensure your customer that their transactions are safe when they visit your web-site to shop for goods or services. E-Commerce security should be integrated your customer service plan.

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The Portable Generation

To break the monotony of being confined to your home office, the best investment that you can get for your SOHO business is a notebook or a laptop.

A notebook or laptop computer allows you the flexibility to do your work anywhere. Desktop systems are of course, desktop systems that leave you chained to your home office desk but notebook or laptop systems allow you to go into coffee shops, libraries or do work while you’re having your car fixed.

Years ago, laptops were over $2,000 dollars and only a few people can afford them. These days, you can get a nice laptop for $600.00 dollars and many computer companies are making laptops and notebooks just for SOHO business owners with suite application software included in the package.

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Your Web Presence Is Important – Part 2

Now that you understand where the Internet came from, let’s discuss the effective way to use the net to develop a presence for your SOHO business.

First of all, DON”T HAVE ANY FEAR! To many business owners, the Internet is a scary proposition because they are worried about data being stolen and some man looking through their computer at them. This is paranoia and nonsense! Any system create by man has to evolve over a certain period of time and the internet is evolving into a system that is creating opportunities for people while at the same time enhancing security measures to protect such transactions as e-commerce.

First of all, you need to write down the goals of your site. Make a determination of what you want your site to look like. It’s okay to view other sites (which cool geeks call “biting”) and get some ideas for your own site. Look at the tone of the sites that you have visited to get an idea of how their site is structure.

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Portable Document Formats For Various Applications (PDF)

More SOHO business owners are using PDF’s for paper and document storage, contract management and developing papers pertaining to their business. Many don’t understand what PDF technology is so I’ll address it here.

Portable Document Filing has been around a long time. Banks have been using PDF technology for years in data processing departments. Checks would get scanned in the banks’ computer and photocopied just in case if there was a minor discrepancy. From there, a photocopied PDF file was created on microfiche.

Then Adobe started expanding their software resources. They created software called “Adobe Acrobat Reader”. The Acrobat Reader allows for certain encoding factors to read documents in a photocopied PDF format and transport those documents regardless of orientation into the reader by converting them to PDF file(s). The module in Acrobat Reader opens up similar to a book. It also has various other functions including speech to text recognition.

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Your Web Presence Is Important – Part 1

The internet is a must for SOHO business owners. The internet gives you a global presence that is needed to be competitive in the business field that you are in. Many SOHO owners have warmed to the fact that they need a web-site to assist in presenting their company to potential customers and are investing in the proper tools to get their site on the internet.

But what if you are a SOHO owner who is not on the internet yet and you want to be on the net but you don’t know the first thing to do? Well, stay tuned, these articles are to assist you in understanding the World Wide Web in its most simplistic form.

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SOHO Freelance Writing… Getting Business From The Internet

When it comes to marketing yourself as a freelance copywriter, it’s important to bear in mind that virtually everything related to copywriting has gone online! Any copywriter who has been around for longer than five years or so will know that new copywriting business used to come from mail-shots, small ads and the dreaded ‘cold calling’. Nowadays, the only realistic way to raise your copywriting profile is via the Internet.

Most copywriters would be in total agreement with that. The question is: have they done anything about it? And the same question goes to new and wannabe freelance copywriters.

So what CAN you do about it? If the phone’s stopped ringing and your e-mail Inbox is full of nothing but unopened spam – it’s time to take stock. The first question is (and it seems almost quaint in the year 2006): Do you have a website?

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It Takes Discipline!

Working from home is no easy task at all. Many people admire others that run their business from the basement or upstairs in their bedroom. Psychologically, it’s a hard thing to do and as a SOHO business, you must take into consideration many factors while doing the best service that you can give to a person.

There is no supervision. SOHO owners don’t have bosses telling them what to do or looking over their shoulder. This is a shock for most SOHO owners because when they start their business, they are expecting a partner to come along and boost their mentality.
This calls for having the discipline to work by yourself and being accountable to yourself.

Many times, you will feel like you’re on an island with no one to turn or talk to. The work days can be long and as you go past the bathroom, you notice that the bed you just got out of you is beckoning you back into it but you’ve got eight assessments that you have to do! Now that’s tempting!

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