Making A Choice To Incorporate

Considering incorporation for your business. Business incorporation has its pros and cons but to make sure that the business incorporation goes smoothly, it is always smart to hire an attorney to assure yourself that the paperwork is filled out correctly and everything goes to plan.

The forms for business incorporation include articles of incorporation that conform to the state law. They must be filed with the correct state authorities, with the filing fees, initial franchise taxes and other initial fees.

There are many advantages to going through the business incorporation process. One of the primary advantages is the limited liability the corporate entity affords its shareholders. With the shareholders not being liable for the debts of the corporation, shareholders are free of obligation to the company. Another advantage to incorporating your business is the fact that ownership of the corporation is easily transferable. If you decide after a year or two that you don’t want to have full responsibility for the corporation any more, you can sell it or have someone take over very easily.

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Automating Your Marketing Systems

Every SOHO business can benefit from Automated Marketing Systems.

An Automated Marketing System works while the business owner is asleep! Isn’t that great? You can get your business in front of customers while you take a break from your days work!

The definition of automated marketing is the ability to use tools to market to clients on a real time basis using the internet or time based software. Time based software is software that is set by the business owner to do a certain task, such as, faxing correspondence to customers at a designated time, sending newsletters using a batch concept at a designated time and using voice/data tools for messaging.

When a SOHO business owner uses these tools, they are doing two things.

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Developing Your SOHO Business

Congratulations! You have decided to start your Small Home Office Business. It’s a big step to financial and personal freedom but, the first steps come with responsibility.

The hardest step for any entrepreneur that wants to work from home is to create an organized plan of action or action plan. This action plan include instructions on operating your SOHO on a daily basis, resources that are used and needed for structure of your company, personnel requirements (if needed) and various other concepts.

The action plan is part of your administrative setup and should consist of the following four areas:

Executive Plans of Action – The executive part of the action plan explains what you must do and achieve to register your business, set up business accounts and develop networks to support your business. Even though it is called the Executive Plan, it is really the plan of the owner and what the owner must do and consider getting the business off and running.

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Computer Knowledge 101 – Things You Must Know

Information technology has opened so many doors for people over the last fifteen years. SOHO business owners have a wealth of information right at their fingertips by using computers and user friendly software.

SOHO business owners must take advantage of this explosion in information. Never before in the history of mankind has data been readily available to the common person. Most business people in the past have struggled because they didn’t have the same tools that corporations had to do business or make solid business decisions. Now the playing field is equal.

Computers are easy to operate and you should have no fear as to really damaging a computer unless you drop it out of a window! Software technology has improved and programs are becoming more integrated than ever before, depending on one another to optimize your computer applications.

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Setting Up SOHO Operations – Part 2

Depending on what state that you are in, you must pay attention to certain laws in establishing a SOHO and those laws apply to zoning requirements of the city that you live in.

Some zoning laws a very flexible when it comes to the operation of SOHO’s . If it is an administrative based SOHO business, then usually, everything is okay. There is nothing being manufactured or openly sold, such as food or other items that require certifications from your local and county government.

Usually, the grey area in SOHO operations is in the area of manufacturing and customer visitation. If you are manufacturing a certain product with chemicals, then you may have to get special privileges depending on the zoning requirements of the neighborhood that you are living in.

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Using Forums and Blogs for Your SOHO Business

Forums are excellent tools to post topics, articles and correspondence concerning your SOHO Business. These tools are effective in relating different strategies, thoughts and plans and they are very easy to use . You can also market group activities to potential members, organizations and affiliate SOHO Businesss.

An e-Forum allows a person to post a topic of interest through a forum portal for responses from other people. Most internet forums are free and cover a wide variety of issues and topics. There’s no limitation in using forums and they serve as a great barometer for group, public or individual response.

In creating a business forum on the internet, you should develop a plan on what you want the forum to achieve and that will depend on your mission statement. If your emphasis is business development then most of your should have the theme of business development tools, articles, information exchange and research. You can have different forums under one forum page.

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Meet Your Deadlines!

When you’re in business and you are developing projects, it is so important to set deadlines and goals for each phase of the project so that you can have satisfied customers. Project Management is becoming a lost art for people who work from their homes because of the trappings of being comfortable and the urge to just sit back and relax.

Deadlines have a way of sneaking up on people, especially those who procrastinate. Procrastination could lead to a lost of clients and hurt your business severely. You should annotate deadlines and target dates aggressively when you’re working on a client’s project.

There is a great software program that will assist you in determining lead ties, target dates, benchmarks and project milestones. That software is Microsoft Visio.

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Network Marketing Success

Many of us have the aspirations to become a success in the network marketing industry; it’s why we joined the business. What is the difference between you and someone who is a raging success? Probably the daily habits and goal setting has a big thing to do with it. I don’t know of one successful person that success just happened to them by accident. This is especially true in the network marketing industry.

The biggest success stories begin with a dream and a goal. That goal is usually to make a lot of money and be able to work from your home. This is a wonderful goal to have, however, don’t become disappointed too soon if your dream isn’t becoming a reality. Rome wasn’t changed in over a night and neither will your life be. The first thing you need to do is to set goals. Where do you want to be in a month? A year? Five years? Set that goal for yourself and benchmarks you have to surpass in order to reach those goals.
When you pass each one, mark it off your list.

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Marketing Your SOHO via Email

Using the Internet to market your products or services is a great dynamic tool for existing and new customers.

Email marketing is a quick an inexpensive way to reach people. If you are in a group that wants to use email marketing, the correct step to take is to identify your target audience. For example, if you wanted to reach pet owners, you would get a list of pet owners. That’s simple but you wouldn’t believe how many people blow their money on marketing to the wrong organization or person!

There are programs that are on the market that will assist you in formulating a newsletter to prospective organizations or individuals but here’s the catch. The people that you are targeting must give you their permission to receive your newsletter. If you send your marketing emails blindly to an individual or group, you are SPAMMING a person which is against the law. I take exception to that personally because I happen to like SPAM!

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Your SOHO Financial Goals and Objectives

You want to start making money real fast in your business. You’re going after customers like a race car driver is going after the checkered flag and you want to hurry up and recoup the money that you spent establishing your SOHO business.

The problem is that most SOHO businesses don’t take the time to set up financial plans and budgets for their business. When the cash flow comes, most owners misappropriate the money and then find themselves in a financial crisis. Business and personal items aren’t separated and many owners get caught in a financial quagmire that they struggle to straighten out.

You have projected budgets for your business. Some SOHO business owners have the attitude that they don’t need planning as far as their finances because they keep all financial transactions in their checkbook. There have the thought that they are just a “home business” and that they don’t need QuickBooks or Peachtree Accounting Software to keep track of their finances.

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