Cobranded webhosting

Some webhosting providers have cobranded webhosting service by allowing other domains names to offer free webhosting using their webhosting services and software.
Among the most popular cobranded webhosting services are OCatch, Community Architect, Portland and Wigloo/Megagiga. Other cobranded webhosting services that ceased operation for the last years include: Muttle, Excelland and Homestead.

0Catch or ZeroCatch Partners is a cobranded webhosting service that do not offer hardware or tech support for their users. 0Catch Partners earn by charging 50% of banner ads in member pages and 25% of the entire paid upgrade subscriptions after 10 paid signups. Partners are given banner-free web space to host the domain name. All pages are made automatically but you can customize them. You can email all users, edit and delete user accounts. 0Catch also features statistics for banner totals, user signups and bandwidth usage. To become a partner of 0Catch you need to pay $14.95 per month. Domains are allowed to change the MX record for email. Some 0catch partners offer free email services via another third-party company.

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Shared hosting is economical and affordable

The best solution for most small and medium websites is to opt for shared hosting. This has several advantages. The most important advantage is cost. Shared hosting is much cheaper and affordable as compared to hosting on dedicated servers.

You can purchase a web hosting package that matches your business needs. There is no need to sign-up for an all-inclusive account if you are not going to use most of the services.

Shared hosting is also a boon for the web hosting company. It can host hundreds of small and medium websites on a single server. This reduces the installation and maintenance costs, and gives the hosting company a higher return on investment.

However, before opting for hosting on a shared server you should ensure that the company uses state-of-the art servers with high processing power. These servers should be connected to the Internet on high speed bandwidth lines so that there is no choking when the traffic spurts.

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Application Service Providers and Hosting

Application service providers (commonly referred to as ASP’s) have quickly sprouted onto the web hosting scene in effort to provide businesses with new and innovative services. The term ASP should not be confused with Microsoft Corporations software application.

The number of applications provided through the ASP model is growing. Accordingly, there is a growing business of companies developing software for the ASP marketplace. What sorts of applications are being developed? As remotely-hosted applications can provide cost-effective access for businesses to unique software, many of the applications are designed to be of occasional use in terms of use. Others are geared towards using group connectivity provided by through the Internet to provide an application that is flexible.

ASP’s have created software programs to handle various business functions as materials management, human resources, financial management, and e-commerce transaction services.

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Web Hosting and Databases

Most web hosting packages include one or more databases. What can you use them for? How will they help your website? Read on for the answers to these questions. A database stores data, but more importantly, allows that data can easily be accessed. Data can be product information, customer names and addresses, sales records, or even the information that appears on web pages. Using a database to retrieve that information can allow you to better serve your visitors and provide them with a more interactive experience.

The most common use of databases in an Internet environment is to serve information dynamically as it is requested. In a large eCommerce site, for example, the actual product information is maintained in a database so that updating the site is a simple matter of changing the data. Without this system, website managers would have to create static pages for each product. When dealing with hundreds or thousands of products, this task would be almost impossible to manage in an efficient manner.

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Webhosting services

Webhosting services are offered by businesses specializing in webhosting of individual or business websites. In webhosting you can upload and store your website’s HTML documents and related files through a web server. Webhosting is also called site hosting.

When you have created your webpage, you need a place to showcase your work. Although it is possible to run your own server and host your own site, this kind of service demands a lot of technical know-how, money and equipment. That is why you need to avail of webhosting service for your website.

You can avail of free webhosting services or pay for it. Probably the biggest drawback in a free webhosting service is the number of pop-ads that show every time you access your website. And if you want to pay for webhosting services, you can choose to use an ISP or a webhosting services company.

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Setting small business website to deliver results

Setting small business website can be quite confusing for any merchant who is making a foray in the online world. The first thing that the merchant needs to do is to decide the scope of the website. This should include key decisions like the number of products that are to be sold, size of the website and acceptance of payments online.

The merchant next needs to locate a web hosting company that provides both hosting and coding facilities. The merchant can also separate the two functions — that is use a design firm to design and code the site, and use a hosting company to host the domain.

Either way the first step is to get the site designed. The next step is to get it coded using a professional programmer. The merchant can also take the help of the programmer to locate a suitable web host or else the merchant can consult relatives, friends and business associates, who have websites of their own, to locate a hosting company.

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NT Webhosting

NT webhosting refers to webhosting service that provides support for Windows NT. NT stands for New Technology. In 1993, Microsoft released a new operating system called Windows NT 3.1. Windows NT 3.1 has two versions: NT Advanced Server and plain Windows NT. NT has a full 32-bit operating system. Windows NT webhosting allows you to enjoy the following features:

NTFS (File system)
RISC Support
Support of up to 32 processors
Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)
Object Manager
Process Manager
Virtual Memory Manger
Local Procedure Call (LPC)
I/O Manager
Security Reference monitor
Preemptive Multitasking
Interprocess Communication (IPC)
Windows NT file system gives high fault tolerance and file-level security found in UNIX OSs. NTFS is a non FAT (File Allocation Table) file system which is unlike MS-DOS, although NT fully supports FAT.

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Webhosting Cheap

Webhosting cheap is a good option for individuals and small to medium-sized companies that cannot afford to pay for the huge capital investment for equipment and labor needed for webhosting their own site. This would also require a lot of technical skills, time and effort on your part. Aside from that, once the webhosting site is up and running, you need the added costs of maintaining the site too. Webhosting cheap offers a viable and good alternative for those who simply cannot afford to run and maintain their own webhosting site.

Webhosting cheap services abound in the internet. You can avail of webhosting cheap services for as low as $5 a month. Despite the fact that webhosting cheap is easily within our means that doesn’t mean that their services are compromised. You can find a number of webhosting cheap servers that offer quality service at a low price. Another importance of availing webhosting cheap services instead of putting up your own is that you can have plenty of time to focus on developing your business, gaining new market channels and attracting more customers. You are also provided the necessary technical support needed in order to solve hosting related problems.

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Starting A Web Hosting Company

Rather than use the services of a web hosting company to host your web site you could start your own web hosting company. If your business is successful this could provide secondary income and lower the hosting costs for your own site(s).

Basically, there are two ways to start selling web hosting. The first way involves leasing business space, buying equipment, setting up servers, leasing T1 or T3 lines to connect to the Internet, finding clients, and hiring staff to provide 24 hour support. Quite complicated and not recommended for anyone without the technical know-how.

The second way is to become a re-seller for an established host. For a monthly fee you can have an allotment of disk space and bandwidth which can be used to sell to other people. Re-selling is usually anonymous – there is no visible connection to the parent host and you are free to set your own prices and develop your own ‘brand’.

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Free webhosting no ads

Free webhosting no ads mean exactly what it says. It is totally free of charge yet does not require you to put up banner ads in your website. Free webhosting no ads is a marketing strategy for some webhosting service. This is a tool to promote their website and be competitive among the many big and established webhosting companies that have been around for years. Free webhosting no ads is a way to attract customers to their sites.

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