Compare fees and penalties before selecting a merchant account

While selecting a merchant account, you need to know about the different types of accounts available. This will help you find a merchant account that is suitable for you. Many merchants set out to look for the cheapest account, and end up with accounts, which don’t suit them.

A retail/swiped account may offer you the lowest rates, but if the requirements of the account are not met, you may end up paying surcharges, additional fees and even penalties.

There are three accounts that are offered to merchants. These are:

1. A retail/card swiped account is meant to be used by retail businesses, which can swipe the card through an electronic card reader. This proves that the card was presented. This type of account is suitable for you if you physically meet your customers and are able to electronically swipe the card in 90% or more of your transactions.

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Bandwidth Bandits

Files that are loaded to or from servers uses internet bandwidth to push files along the network at various speeds. Every time you upload a file to your ISP, surf the web or use an audio application, you are using bandwidth.

Bandwidth is a bunch of wires or fibers connecting servers to a network. Depending on the grade of the wire it determines how much data is coming across the network where your web-site is hosted. When someone attempts to get more data than can be handled by the network, the whole network slows down.

ISP’s can put a limitation on bandwidth at certain times during peak periods or charge you a flat fee per month for bandwidth usage. If you go over the flat fee, then they charge you extra for using extra bandwidth. Some ISP’s will shut down the transmissions until traffic is more stable on the network.

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Webhosting PHP MySQL

PHP is short for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is a server-side scripting language like ASP and are executed on the server. PHP is a server side scripting language and executed on the server. PHP can support a number of databases including MySQL, Informix, Oracle, Sybase, solid, PostgreSQL, Generic ODBC and others. In webhosting PHP MySQL, server side script runs on the server. In Webhosting PHP MySQL, the web server will pass the code from the browser to the PHP interpreter. The PHP interpreter residing on the web server runs through the script and produces the html that is delivered to the client browser. PHP is often used together with MySQL or Ingress. MySQL is a small database server which supports SQL and compiles a number of platforms. Both PHP and MySQL are open source software that means there are free to download and use. PHP used with MySQL are cross platform which means you can develop in Windows and serve on a Unix platform.

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Shared webhosting

Shared webhosting is housing and serving files for a web site. For individuals or small to medium scale businesses that cannot afford to gain an extreme robust connection to the internet for their web site on their own. This is where the virtual or shared webhosting businesses come in. They provide the customers a way to outsource their Internet requirements in a more affordable way.

The shared webhosting service allows individuals and companies to share the cost of a fast Internet connection for serving files. This is the basic, entry-level fee-based hosting service available to the customer. Shared webhosting allows clients to host their website on a powerful server at a minimal monthly cost. Shared webhosting provides individual sites with connectivity and guaranteed uptime. Shared webhosting is designed to host small-scale e-commerce sites web pages. Shared webhosting is used by first-time webmasters because you can have a reliable Web presence without having advanced technical know-how. Shared webhosting is good for small-scale consumer because they are assured of transparent services, domain name for its website and set of email addresses.

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Optimizing Your Site with SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a way to get directories and search engines to give your web-site a better indexing position so that customers or anyone who is looking for your web-site can see it. The higher you are in the search engines and directories, the better chance you’ll have doing business on the internet.

Here are simple steps to optimize your web-site:

Step 1: Modify your web-site – This step includes adding optimized content to all pages in the website.

Step 2: Add tags – Add or make changes to Meta tags, Title tags, H1 tags, H2 tags and alt tags for images, after keywords research.

Step 3: Link building A, Inbound links: Make the website available in about 100 directories and 80 search engines. You can use WEB CEO to make your submissions. It’s a free program.

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Evaluating site performance is an important requirement

Evaluating site performance is essential to improve the level of customer satisfaction. Very often customers move away to another site if they find that your site takes hours to download. You can’t blame them because the onus of hosting a good website rests solely on you.

The slow downloads can be on account of the web server’s low processing speed, low bandwidth connection, website’s poor database structure or overloading of web pages with images and graphics. They can be on account of any one of these factors or all the factors. It is for you to find out why your site is slow and fix the problem.

Research has shown that slow website performance can cause huge losses in retail sales. Fortunately, several performance monitoring tools are now available, both offline and online. You can use these tools to evaluate your website’s performance.

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How to Find a Reliable Web Hosting Provider

Finding reliable web hosting can be very difficult sometimes. If you’ve just started a new business and you income is still low, it might be even more difficult, because web hosting providers generally focus rather on the corporate market than on the fast growing small businesses. However, even as a small business owner, there are a few steps you could follow to fin a reliable web hosting provider.

Define your needs:

l How much bandwidth and disk space will you need?
l What operating system would be best for you?
l Will you need CGI or database features?
l Do you have streaming requirements?
l Will your website change a lot in the foreseeable future?
l Do you need a web host just for your own needs or for clients as well?

Gather recommendations:

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Free Ecommerce Web Hosting

With free ecommerce web hosting you get a directory or a subdomain on a server which you don’t have to pay for. Generally, free web hosting providers make revenue from the advertisements they put on your website or in the file manager. They also hope at some point you will choose to upgrade your hosting package and pay for additional services.

When Can You Use Free Ecommerce Web Hosting?

While you can use ecommerce free web hosting for personal pages and small business use, you will need to upgrade your hosting package when your business start’s to develop.

The reason you should not get free ecommerce web hosting for larger business use is that these services are not usually reliable. They can get easily abused, causing the server to have a lot of downtime. In addition, you usually have a file size limit and small bandwidth. If you exceed the bandwidth limit many providers will suspend you access. Hotlinks are not allowed and you cannot upload certain file types, such as MP3 or MPEG.

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Choosing a Web Design and Hosting Plan

There is no easy way to choose a web design and hosting plan, as each company will have different needs and will want to accomplish different goals with their website. We have provided you with some information that will be of use to you in choosing a web design and hosting plan company.

Web design and hosting plans can give you the tools you need to have a successful, business online. Good web design and hosting plans can be what makes or breaks your online business. Finding a company that can assist you with your web design and hosting plan needs is not a difficult task.

Knowing what you want

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Cheap Web Hosting Solution Basics: What Every Newbie Needs to Know

The demand for more affordable web hosting service rates have been a crucial issue. With this, many web hosting businesses tend to use malicious techniques of drawing more customers to their web hosting services by marketing what comes into view as a very cheap price.

The growth of cheap web hosting solutions provider have significantly increased, and so thus the problem of deciding whether to obtain a cheap web hosting solution or a reliable but expensive one.

On its fundamental nature, cheap web hosting solution does not necessarily produce reliable services. In most instances, opting for a cheap service will most likely do more harm than good. This is because many web hosting solutions provider that offer their services at lower prices are mostly after the deceitful means of generating profits.

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