Co-authoring a mini e-book

You’ve got the niche, you’ve got the idea, but…
There’s a small problem – maybe you’re new to the online business, and though your ideas are fresh – you’ve not got the experience or the ‘guru’ standing to pull it off – or you’ve got an idea, you just can’t – quite – explain it.

So your next option is to co-author or co-create a book with an expert or ghostwriter. You can find them by looking for sites in your niche – and then take the time to contact the webmaster or site owner and ask if he or she is interested in co-authoring a book with you – as with every joint venture though, you have to offer some benefit to your prospective co-author or co-creator.

Your co-author can provide anything from half (or more) of the content, to an introduction, articles, or additional information – or even a joint venture that merges your information and theirs. Regardless of what your co-author brings to the e-book by creating an mini e-book as a joint venture, you can increase its credibility, especially if you select a guru or expert in your chosen niche.

It also means that you’ve got an instant promotion joint venture already in place – though you’ll both want to discuss how to set up the OTO and upsell aspects of the venture to give you both a great deal from the JV itself. Depending on your co-author’s contribution to the book, this could be within the book, or through back end sales – or both.

Keep in mind that there should always be a powerful incentive for your potential co-author to come on board – having a great idea and a unique spin may not be enough, and you will have to make sure that any arrangement you come to is win-win for everyone involved, including your co-author.

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