Computer Knowledge 101 – Things You Must Know

Information technology has opened so many doors for people over the last fifteen years. SOHO business owners have a wealth of information right at their fingertips by using computers and user friendly software.

SOHO business owners must take advantage of this explosion in information. Never before in the history of mankind has data been readily available to the common person. Most business people in the past have struggled because they didn’t have the same tools that corporations had to do business or make solid business decisions. Now the playing field is equal.

Computers are easy to operate and you should have no fear as to really damaging a computer unless you drop it out of a window! Software technology has improved and programs are becoming more integrated than ever before, depending on one another to optimize your computer applications.

SOHO small business owners must take the lead and embrace the power of these systems and become a part of the global market. Your business plan should include expanding into the global market by using your computer to find new business leads, conduct research, create mailing lists of potential vendors and distributors and create focus and mastermind groups, even on the Internet.

All you need is basic knowledge of what a software application is and how to use the Internet and email. That’s it! The rest is what chefs may say…is gravy!

Even if you are running a plumbing business out of your home, you need to have knowledge of information systems or computers. It will increase your clientele and make your administrative tasks easier. You can have a global market instead of a local market.

The SOHO business owner that doesn’t use computer systems to their fullest advantage won’t last long. Usually, the problem lies with the “baby boomer” business owners who see no need to automate what they are doing because they don’t want to learn. These business owners will be bypassed by more aggressive business owners who see computers as a must to their daily operations.

Embrace and learn computer applications. It will enhance your SOHO business in a magnificent way.

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