Do It Yourself: Opt-In List

If you think normal vocabulary is enough to rack your brains, bear in mind that there are technological terms that must also be paid attention to. One of which is opt-in email.

Opt in email refers to the action when someone actually agrees to get bulk email. Bulk email is when a particular email is simultaneously sent to so many people. To cut it short, opt in email is a form of a mailing list that can also be regarded as marketing.

Now, there are some users who are pissed off with bulk email. They insist that there must be permission from their end before their inboxes are filled with spam. If they do not give the go signal and still receive these messages, then they are unsolicited bulk email.

A smart internet marketer knows that email and google are two of the best ways he can make his company popular. By combining the two, then he can insure that more possible customers can be reached.

Email marketing is such a powerful tool. Opt-in mailing list has names and email addresses of so many people that are subscribed to a specific listing. If you, as a business owner, are wary sending out the email, fret not. When it comes to the legality of the process, this opt-in mailing list obtained the permission to spread the word via email.

1. Always put a subscription form that is prominently uploaded on your homepage. This can be done using your own subscription form or a software Sign-Up to’s form builder.
2. Let people know that they can subscribe to the email list. This allows linking straight through your website.
3. Inquire whether people gave permission to the mailing list subscription. Since this is mailing with the assistance of Google Adwords, expect that your messages will be regarded as Spam or “unsolicited bulk email.”
4. Make sure that the option for subscription is open. It will also be better if you can interact with them.
5. Make it clear to people what they can get when they subscribe. Of course, they will wonder how often you will contact them. Be sure that you will provide what they are expecting from you.
6. If time permits you, contact new subscribers as soon as possible. You must always make them feel welcome. It’s a two-way street. Know what they expect from you and you must also let them know what you expect from them.
1. Add people who emailed you. Just because they contacted you it means that they are interested. You must ask their permission first.
2. Buy lists that you are not 100% positive that it is opt-in. Prove the legitimacy of opt-in mailing lists that are powered by Google before making the purchase. Have the evidence to back it.
3. Use and abuse people and their trust. Words travel fast. The very minute you violate the trust of a customer – let’s say, a single customer – rest assure that the negative review will overshadow the positive ones. Next thing you know, the rest of your clientele will ignore your messages.

Building your opt-in mailing list is cost-effective. It is cheaper than actually sending out direct mail. Imagine the expenses you’ll be saving by not printing the letters, buying paper and envelopes.

If you have decided to fully start your opt-in mailing list, here are some effective ways you can do so:

1. Free Newsletter. This is an effective way in building an opt-in list. By offering online visitors freebies like newsletter that contains the information they already need to know about your site and the services you can provide, you will be able to have them interested in your company in no time.

2. Make it Easy to Subscribe. It’s a general truth, the easier it is to sign up, the more people actually will do so. Provide easy subscription steps so that your subscribers would not be discouraged. If you want to gain more subscribers, specifically discuss what they can get by signing up.

3. Quality Content. Double check if you wrote in the newsletter the freebies and information that can be found in your website. Thus, more visitors will be dropping by your homepage.

4. Forums. People love discussing over the net. Participate in these forum boards in order to know what your targeted audience is currently interested in. Here, you can also build up your reputation and credibility.

So why hire a search engine optimization professional, if you can actually do the opt-in mailing yourself?

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