E-Commerce Online Selling Equals Big Bucks!

Denise’s Floral Arrangements is a home based business that provides silk floral arrangements for weddings, corporate events and banquets. Denise is thinking about a web-site to promote her products and services.

Denise also makes floral arrangements for shipment and she wants to feature this service and product on her web site. She has made the decision that she can make the arrangement and ship the product in specialized boxes to customers around the world. She has heard that the customers can pay for the items online and once she gets notification of payment received, she can ship the item.

What Denise needs is an e-commerce shopping cart function that will assist her in selling her items and services online to people around the world. This would really complete her web-site and turn it into a virtual silk floral arrangement store that people can also purchase items from!

So how would a shopping cart benefit Denise web presence?

A customer visits her site. On the front end of her site, she has a few special floral arrangements on the home page for sale. This entices the customer to look or shop further. On her web-site, she categorizes the arrangements depending on the type of function the arrangement is for. One link would have wedding arrangements; another would have banquet or hotel arrangements.

When the customer browses through the site, they are really going up and down the aisle of a store. They may find a secondary item that they need and might add that to their basket. Each item in the store has a description, with the price tag and a picture of what it looks like. This beats going down the aisle at your local shopping mall without all the people hassling you or running you off the aisles with grocery carts!

The customer can put the item in their “virtual cart” and once they are finished, proceed to the checkout area which allows them to pay for the item. The shopping cart program walks them through the process, provides them with an online receipt and Denise gets a confirmation to ship the individuals order!

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