FAQ Scripts: The Webmaster’s Secrets to Frequently Asked Questions

With the advent of the new technology, everything comes in such a fast pace. The introduction of the computing age and the proliferation of the Internet had greatly reduced the inconveniences that manual jobs bring.

Similarly, hundreds of programs have been built to satisfy the growing needs of Internet users, but web developers require the most number of Internet tools and programs because setting up a website is not an easy job.

One of the most useful tools that web developers need is the FAQ script. This script trims down the webmaster’s problem of responding to analogous and monotonous inquiries. FAQ scripts may also be utilized as a classified compilation of write-ups.

Why Do You Need FAQ Script?

Many webmasters may not be aware of it but FAQ scripts were not just built to readily provide answers to frequently asked questions. It does more than facilitating the query process.

The very premise of creating FAQs is that most webmasters will be too busy to answer every question there is to answer about his website or online business. With FAQ, they can combine all possible answers to questions that are being frequently asked by many people.

Moreover, FAQs are built to provide instant answers to customer’s inquiries. Surveys show that nearly 74% of visitors will leave the website if they cannot obtain the answers that they need right on the dot.

Here are some of the benefits of using FAQ scripts in your website:

1. It lets you save effort and time

2. It can give your customers better service

3. It can easily transform your website’s visitors into customers

4. It can make your website more accommodating and welcoming

Among the FAQ scripts known in the market today, the FAQMasterFlex is one of the best tool to do the job. It provides all the necessary services that every FAQ scripts should provide.

FAQMasterFlex is a database-operated application on the web. This script is used to create and maintain FAQs or “frequently asked questions” on your website.

FAQMasterFlex can be easily downloaded from the Internet because it does not have any charge. However, it does not necessarily mean that anybody can just obtain this type of FAQ script. It requires PHP, an “open-source” insightful programming language and MySQL database.

It also requires an operating system that is “platform independent.” However, FAQMasterFlex has only been tested on AIX, Linux, and Win XP.

Main Characteristic

Since FAQMasterFlex is a “free software,” you can share it out or change it as provided by the GNU General public License. There previous versions of this script, hence, you can also modify them at your will.

Why FAQMasterFlex?

Some people might still be wondering why they need to obtain FAQ scripts like FAQMasterflex. What they do not know is that this type of FAQ script can give you unrestricted inquiries and answers, unconstrained classifications, and web-based type and FAQ management with modification qualities such as delete, edit, and add.

Steps for Installation

In order to facilitate your utilization of FAQMasterFlex, here is a systematic procedure of installing FAQ script in your website.

1. Generate a MySQL table, if possible “faqmasterflex.” Make a copy of the SQL form and attach it at the faqmasterflex.sql data with your preferred “GUI SQL tool.”

2. Launch faq_config.php and modify MySQL “connection variables.” Be sure that the variables that you will use are appropriate. This is because most problems are caused by improper MySQL user name, server name, or password.

3. Upload subjects of “PassMasterFlexPlus” to your web host.

4. Login using the default data if there had been no changes in faq_config.php the default login username and password is “admin.”

5. Once you have gained access to your FAQ, try to change the password and the username.

Indeed, FAQMasterFlex is the next generation FAQ script available in the market today. With its remarkable features, this particular type of FAQ script can provide you with all the services that you need in your website.

FAQMasterFlex is a licensed product of Lethal Penguin. Its 1.2 version has been released last December 2, 2003. The latest update on FAQMasterFlex was on March 29, 2006 when “$PHP_SELF’ has been substituted with “$_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’] so recorded globals no longer have to be facilitated.

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