Finding a cheap web hosting service

You have finished your firs web site and you are now looking for a cheap web hosting service? Well, you should consider the fact that the success of you site depends on the quality of the web hosting service. So read this article first and that hurry to pick up your new hosting company.

The personalized e-mail accounts, personalized domain name, connection speed, disc space and monthly bandwidth are just a small part of the features that can affect the development of a web site and its performance. A cheap web hosting service cannot include all of the features mentioned above, but as long as you do not need them, there is no problem.

The advantages

The main advantage of choosing a cheap web hosting service is that you will pay just a few dollars per month or even nothing. Yow will never have to worry about the payment for the web hosting service, while, for the big sites, this is a crucial expense. Another advantage is the fact that new accounts are set up instantly because there is no need of configuring many features. You receive instantly a free subdomain name without waiting for days to buy a domain name.

Usually a cheap web hosting service is equivalent with a terrible web hosting. There are a few companies with very good services at low prices. The challenge is in finding these companies. These kinds of companies usually spend more on advertising and less for hardware and specialized personnel. In addition, in the last few years the prices decreased a lot and nowadays you can buy professional hosting for just a few dollars per month.

The restriction to the scripting languages and database management systems can be an advantage if your site uses pure HTML. These features always bring slow loading of pages, lots of errors and security wholes but servers with pure html pages can run for months without any break-down.

The disadvantages

Usually, the companies that offer cheap web hosting service keep thousands of web sites on the same server. If a web site makes the server to stop running or to run slow, all of the sites hosted at that server will be affected. This is the most common problem of cheap web hosting services. Another problem is the lack of features. The access to the server resources is limited to minimum to avoid possible breakdowns of the server. Due to the big number of customers, the customer support is many occasions unsatisfactory or even missing.

Many sites are judged depending of the hosting service used. When a visitor sees forced advertising on your site, he will consider your site a poor one. In addition, the slow connection speed can make the visitors close the window before your pages have finished loading.

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