How to get targeted traffic for your opt-in list

Website owners who want to promote their sites have to choose from the multitude of marketing strategies that are available both in and out of the Internet. While traditional marketers would gladly use the old methods, the new breed of Internet marketers will choose an Internet based marketing strategy anytime.

The rage among Internet marketers is the use of email marketing to promote their sites. Email marketing makes heavily relies on a good list of email addresses that the marketer can get his hands on.

Of course, anyone can send promotional emails to just about anybody who has an email address. While this method will guarantee a massive list for the marketer, it will nevertheless not serve his purpose because not everyone in that list will welcome the information he is going to share.

Sending unsolicited emails to people can be tagged as spamming and this is prohibited in the world of marketing. Some unscrupulous marketers resort to this kind of marketing but why try it when there are other ways to build a massive opt in list?

Spam marketing will defeat the purpose of getting people to become interested in the site because they will consider such emails a nuisance especially if they are not interested in the products and services being offered. On the other hand, why send emails to people who could not even be classified as target clients?

A targeted traffic will not only mean more visitors to the site but it will also mean more chances of closing a sale. Targeted traffic means people who have use for the products or services being offered by the site. These are potential customers who would be interested in the site because of any similarity in their profession, business or any interest.

Having a targeted opt in list would mean more opportunity to promote the website and more chances of getting people to sign up and to translate the traffic to sales. A person who uses a targeted opt in list would mean having at his disposal a list of email addresses of people who have given their permission to receive such emails.

People who subscribe or sign up with a certain site have given permission to the marketer to send them emails related to the products and services being offered by the site. It is very important to use an opt-in email list to avoid being the target of a hate campaign by the target market.

But first, the marketer has to choose what market or target clients he wants to concentrate on. The targeted list will really depend on the type of services or products he is offering. Also inquire if the target market has access to the Internet because an opt-in list that has no access to the web can be useless. It would be useful to search a certain keyword that would have a relation to the target market and see how many times such keyword has been accessed or searched.

To get the targeted traffic related to the site, a marketer has to spend some time visiting forums and e-groups with similar interests and needs. Simply look at the posts that have been made in the forum over the past months and this will give an idea of what this certain market requires.

The best way to sell is to be able to identify a particular problem being faced by the target market and then having that solution right on the website! Look at the possible solutions that the website can offer them and which would encourage them to visit and subscribe to the site.

Now that the targeted traffic has been identified it is imperative that the marketer offer them incentives or reasons to make them want to subscribe to the site and even to buy the products and services being offered. Some marketers offer ebooks on just about any topic that would interest the target market.

It is important to post as many informative articles on the site to keep the traffic coming. With a great number of targeted traffic visiting the site, the marketer can be assured of future subscribers to the site.

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