How to Have Fun with the Image Gallery Scripts Using Fantastico

Blogs are the latest craze to hit the Internet today and if you haven’t been bitten yet, you better find someone with blog teeth to share the infection with you. FYI, blogs are like online diaries where you can air out any thoughts you may have on anything under the sun. You can also use it to directly reach your target market and let them know the great things about your company’s products or services.

One great feature of blogs is being able to share photos with other people in the Internet. These photos may be uploaded in your own blog rather than relying on an image hosting site. If you wish to add this particular feature to your blog, read on and learn more about three of the most wonderful image gallery scripts in use today.

Recommended Image Gallery Scripts

4IMAGES – Uploading photos to your blog has never been easier when you’re using 4IMAGES. Learn more about the benefits of installing this particular script by reading its many features below:

Extensive Password Protected Administration – There are just some photos that are meant for your eyes alone, a few photos that are only for certain, special people in your life and a great number of pictures that can be viewed by everyone. To ensure that what you wish to keep private will indeed remain private, 4Images allows you to make password protected albums to keep other people from trespassing to your private territory.

Database Backup Function – There’s no way to tell when the axe is going to fall, when your computer will break down or when disaster strikes and your power supply is out! Because of these, 4Images makes sure to save everything that needs saving automatically and in a periodic fashion.

Unlimited Categories and Sub-Categories – Even the most obsessive-compulsive person will have no reasons to complain once they get to experience the organizational aspect of 4Images. Arrange your photos according to the exact order you wish – no matter how specific or detailed it may be!

COPPERMINE – Coppermine is a multi-purpose and feature-packed web picture gallery script any blog owner would love to use. Consider some of its features that are listed below:

Picture Information Stored in Database – Although photos say a thousand words, you can’t deny that a caption can infinitely make a photo all the more special. And when you use Coppermine, all picture information you encode are immediately stored in the script’s database.

Creation of Thumbnail and Intermediate Size Pictures – There are many reasons why you would wish to make use of thumbnails and intermediate size pictures in some situations and not wish to use them in others. Coppermine gives you the option to choose when and when not to make use of them for your convenience.

Multi-Lingual Support – Almost every person from all parts of the world can make full use of Coppermine because of its multi-lingual system. And even if your language or dialect is not supported, you can easily provide translations in its user settings for easier use.

Search Feature – With Coppermine Photo Gallery, there’s no way that you won’t be able to find the exact picture you’re looking for!

User Comments – Owners of Coppermine Photo Gallery may or may not allow other users or subscribers to comment on their post. It’s all up to you if you wish someone to rant and rave publicly about your entries!

Slideshow Viewer – Let your readers or subscribers have an easier time at browsing photos with Coppermine’s slideshow viewer.

GALLERY – This cool image gallery script is an open sourced web-based photo album organizer. With this script, you’ll be able to do the following things:

Change Image Quality and Size – If you’re expecting some of your blog’s visitors to still be using dial-up, you can change the image quality and size of your photos right away to make photos easier to upload or download.

Upload Automatically Rotated Photos – This image gallery script will use the information of each photo you upload to decide whether it needs automatic rotating in order to get the right angle.

Email Support – Gallery users can receive emails regarding updates in your blog, log-in details when they’ve forgotten their passwords and confirmation when they just subscribed to your mailing list.

How to Install Scripts Using Fantastico
Fantastico is a great script installer that takes care of all the fussy details of installing. Just click on the new installation button, indicate your domain name and directory if necessary then provide your preferred login details. Afterwards, enter your domain email address, click the installation buttons to finish the process and that’s it!

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