How to Reach Out to Your Readers through PHPList

Blogging is considered as one of the most pleasurable pastimes to enjoy nowadays in the Internet. If you’re new to blogging, you don’t need to worry about adjustment difficulties because you can start having fun with blogging in less than an hour!

A blog is an online journal where you write about anything and everything that’s on your mind. You can choose to open an account in a blog hosting site or just purchase web space from a web-hosting site to create your blog. You can also utilize your blog for easy communication with your customers or clients. Let them know the moment your company has a new product line through your blog’s mailing list!

PhpList: A Great and Fun Way to Reach Your Readers

Mailing List Posting Via Webpage – PhpList users will get to enjoy a one-way announcement system by sending posts to the people in their mailing lists via webpage communication.

Double Opt-In Subscription System – Whenever a reader or subscriber enters their login details in your blog’s subscription page, you will automatically receive an email notification about it. You will also have to activate their subscriptions for them to start receiving posts from you.

Large Email Address Sending Capabilities – Some news messenger scripts tend to break down or experience mechanical failures whenever you enter too much email addresses to your mailing list. And just in case the process is left incomplete, the sending of posts will simply resume where it left off the moment you activate PhpList once more.

Automated PDF Creation – Creating messages in PDF format can sometimes be a pain for most people. And the makers of PhpList know this as well. For that very reason, they made sure that messages are automatically converted to PDF format as attachments.

Throttling – This option makes sure that the load on your website’s server will not exceed its maximum capacity and make your subscribers experience downtime or delayed responses

Domain Throttling – With PhpList, you’re immediately protected from the watchful eyes of system administrators. Domain throttling will ensure that you won’t accidentally flood one particular network or domain in a certain period of time and be erroneously classified as a spammer.

Embargoed Sending – PhpList allows you to write a message and then configure the script to make it send the message to your subscribers at a given time and date.

Repetition – Typing the same message one after another can be quite a drag so PhpList allows you to repeat a message automatically if necessary. This is especially handy when you’re sending messages with file system attachments.

User Management – This script provides you with a variety of built-in tools to help you handle the numerous concerns associated with a large user database. PhpList, for instance, allows you to set the system to sending reminders to subscribers who haven’t confirmed their subscription yet. The system may also notify you if any email address submitted by a subscriber or user turns out to be invalid.

Bounce Handling – When the emails you have sent to a particular subscriber have been returned for a few times already, the system would automatically remove that subscriber from your mailing or subscription list. This action is not permanent however and PhpList allows you to reverse this decision if it turns out to be unnecessary. Furthermore, PhpList allows you to define certain expressions and match them with a particular action; in short, you can teach this script to recognize hard bounces from the soft ones.

Manual Text Entry – This script generally turns any data you input into HTML but you can also instruct PhpList to convert your message to simple text if you so prefer. This can be done automatically AND manually as well.

Attachments – Unlike some scripts, PhpList actually allows you to add attachments to your messages. These attachments will be included in HTML emails as well; subscribers who chose to receive text mails only, on the other hand, shall be given a link where they can download the attachment from your blog.

Open Tracking – It’s always important to know how much of your readers are still interested in what you’re saying and Open Tracking can make that possible. This option allows you to know how many users – depending on their privacy settings – have already opened your mail.

Easy Installation through Fantastico
With script installer Fantastico at the helm, even the most challenged PC user will have no problems at all when it comes to installing the script in their website. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions provided by Fantastico, enter the necessary login details and email address and you’re done!

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