Increasing Your Blog Readership with the Use of Polls and Surveys

Although blogs have been initially introduced to the Internet users as a convenient way of writing in your diary, the use of blogs is now so completely diversified and highly advanced that it’s hard to imagine how people used to scoff at its usefulness. Even the highest of corporate executives today have recognized the importance of blogs and use it to keep in touch with their clients or market their products.

Letting Others Speak as well in Your Blog

The age of autocratic rule in blogging is over; now, readers enjoy reading blogs more when they allow interaction between users and two-way communication between the blog owner and his subscribers or readers. Letting your readers – or clients, in this case – speak as well in your blog is one surefire way of increasing your blog’s readership.

The best way to encourage your readers to speak up is by asking them to answer a poll or survey. Not everyone has the courage to make contentious comments regarding your entries but everyone would certainly possess no qualms at all when it comes to answering a highly controversial or interesting but completely safe topic.

Recommended Poll and Survey Scripts

There are three primary poll and survey scripts that we feel can greatly increase the readership of your blog. Advanced Poll is a polling system that allows you to maintain God-like control for each and every poll created. Features include creation of multiple polls, use of templates and IP-logging for users who are reluctant to reveal their identities. PHP Scripts on the other hand is a good choice for non-technical users to create simple surveys, gather results and compute for statistics.

The last script, PHP Surveyor, however is the one that we’ll fully concentrate on for the meantime.

Features to Enjoy from PHP Surveyor

Unlimited Number of Surveys – When you create just one survey for your blog’s readers to answer, there’s a very good chance that not all of them would find it interesting. The solution: create multiple surveys! Better yet, take advantage of PHP Surveyor’s unlimited allowance of surveys and take note, you can actually create several surveys all at the same time!

Creation of Printable Survey Versions – Obtaining a printed version of the survey you’ve placed is not only one method of data keeping but will also be quite handy once a reader wishes to learn about the results of a previous survey.

Unlimited Question Groups – The sky is literally the limit when it comes to the number of questions in a particular survey. So ask and ask to your heart’s content until you feel it’s enough to provide reasonably accurate answers.

Set Conditions for Questions – With PHP Surveyor, blog owners are allowed to specify certain conditions for certain questions depending on previous answers. This method is called branching surveys and the most common example is a Yes/No question that would immediately be followed up by something like “If yes, why?” or “If no, please indicate…” and so forth.

Reusable Editable Answer Sets – No need to create answer sets one after the other because PHP Surveyor makes sure that all answer sets are reusable and editable!

Assessment Surveys – You can survey about anything you wish and if you want to create an assessment survey with PHP Surveyor, then do so by all means!

Unlimited Number of Participants – PHP Surveyor makes sure that you don’t inadvertently antagonize any of your blog’s readers by having the system tell them that the survey has reached its quota of survey takers. With PHP Surveyor, any number of persons can answer the survey any time of the day!

Survey Type – If you wish to create an anonymous survey, go ahead and do so. If you wish to make a survey that’s solely concerned with open ended questions or the opposite, it’s all up to you. If you want a survey combining open and close ended questions, it’s no problem either because PHP Surveyor makes sure that all your survey concerns are immediately rectified!

Email Invitations, Reminders and Tokens – PHP Surveyors makes sure that all your surveys benefit from your personal touch by allowing you to send personally worded invitations and reminders to your blog users.

Buffer Options for Users – With this option, your blog’s readers will find it very easy to continue answering the survey at a later time.

Start Easy with Fantastico
Fantastico is a script installer that’s designed to help even the most tech-challenged individual. To install a script using Fantastico, all you need to do is indicate the program you wish to launch in your blog, key in your login details and email, click the installation button to let Fantastico do its job and that’s it!

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