Offer your mini e-book as an incentive

Offering your mini E book as a gift or incentive for sign ups is a great way to gain subscribers – out with the Internet marketing arena this isn’t a common thing to do, so if your niche is based there, you’ll have less competition.

The only problem with giving away your mini e-book in return for sign ups is that some people will use a ‘junk’ email account – one that they don’t check – to sign up, and then never read anything you’re sending ever again. If you’ve got them to sign up for the auto responder, you may want to consider that you need to reach them via the book, or your very first email – very few people religiously read auto responder based emails, mainly because many people are sick of being bombarded with offers, and things they can’t use. Many web masters are now requesting that people use a valid email address and require that they confirm their subscription before downloading – and explaining themselves in the first email, before giving the download link.

Whether you’re within or out with the Internet marketing arena, you’ll need to structure, and explain your offer in the clearest possible of terms – people don’t want to sign up to an email list unless its worthwhile, and many people may not even realize that they are signing up to a mailing list to get something – or ever connect the two. You may find that this leads to spam complaints, or your list fills with prospects that aren’t actually reading your important information, so you’ll need to ensure that you’re offering, consistently, information that they want, and need.

You will want to make sure you solve this problem by correctly lining up the information in the book with the course that will immediately follow it logically. This will give readers a clear transition.

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