Outsourcing Telemarketing Service to India

Telemarketing is highly considered throughout the world as an essential tool for communicating directly with an organization’s target market. To some degree, it helps every company to produce instantaneous results, and it even provide medium and long term support to the sales and marketing strategy of a certain business or company.

With the growing popularity of telemarketing, a number of international companies have set up telemarketing services as well as telemarketing call centers to outsource the company’s customer support and telemarketing services at very low costs. More and more companies today outsource their telemarketing services in an efficient manner, and one of the most well-known telemarketing industries in the world that cater to outsourcing a telemarketing service is the India telemarketing industry.

India, as you may know, is home to a large English speaking population who are also largely computer literate. The customer service as well as the marketing operators working in India’s telemarketing service call centers are trained professionals who posses effective presentation and communication skills. What’s more, the telemarketing service call centers in India handles a number of reliable and highly effective telemarketing services, such as inbound and outbound calls day and night all around the year. They handle both business to business and business to consumer inbound and outbound telemarketing.

Numerous reports have revealed that almost all telemarketing service call centers in India posses a sophisticated integrated voice response system, a database server, as well as automatic call distribution. Their earth telemarketing service stations provide direct links to a satellite which in turn connects to the foreign countries through an optic fiber link. With all these advanced technologies, infrastructure and quality work force that handle each and every telemarketing service needs, it’s no wonder that India remains as the world’s largest, well-known center for telemarketing.

Today, India offers a number of interrelated telemarketing services, aside from offering various telemarketing products in the past few years. Included in the list of India’s telemarketing services are telebanking, direct response television, and customer service management for international banks, software firms, telecom service providers, credit card companies, and other institutions. Aside from that, there are other well-known telemarketing services that offshore call centers in India offer, and what top the lists are telemarketing services such as sales lead generation, market research and surveys, database cleaning and updating, third party verification, record verification, telemarketing service fraud detection or prevention calls, continuity sales calls, airline ticketing and reservations, and any kind of message delivery, to mention but a few.

However, although outsourcing of telemarketing services to India is very popular, there are still some potential problems that most of India’s offshore telemarketing service call centers encounter. These problems occur despite the fact that the telemarketing service operators in India are highly trained with the necessary expertise. Perhaps the most common problem that most offshore telemarketing call centers in India usually encounter are some new accents and terms peculiar to a particular foreign country may be difficult to understand. But still, India is becoming an increasingly popular location for offshore telemarketing service call centers.

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