Paying for advertising in newsletters, magazines and e-zines

There are many venues both offline and on that allows you to purchase advertising, and its important to be aware of the positive and negative aspects of this kind of advertising before committing a budget to it.

Off line advertising is best used by targeting a demographic (or niche) that you expect would be interested in your mini e-book and marketing direct to them – you can do so through various means, such as contacting magazines or newsletters in your niche and either paying or placing an ad following their guidelines. You’ll probably want to look into the ‘alleged’ return rate on ads – you’ll never know what the actual one is without experimenting yourself. Its important to check this before placing ads so that you can decide if your advertising budget can stretch to it, and whether the returns (or responses) are worth it.

Online advertising follows the same general patterns, but is far easier to track, evaluate and of course, find places that are free or cheap to place your ads – you can look for sites within your niche and see what they are using to advertise their products, or create your own niche based newsletter.

Online newsletters and advertising sites also offer something called solo ads – they could be one off mailings to the subscribers of the newsletter, or make up the newsletter itself – either way, they offer the most exposure for readers and are far better value for money (but also more expensive) than other ads, such as classifieds, or sponsor ads.

Advertising both online and Off line takes careful study of the niches and demographics you are pitching to, and you can either win, or lose big with your ads, so care should be taken when choosing where, when – and how to advertise.

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