Pod casting: Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Pod Casting?
If Podcasting is a new word for you the very first question that will naturally strike to your mind is what really this Podcasting is? Podcasting is a very simple process to understand. Podcasters upload audio files to Internet in such a way that the end user can download these audio files automatically with the help of software. For those who are interested in technical details also, Pod casting becomes possible with help of RSS 2.0 news feed. These RSS files store the information regarding the audio files and help the software to download required audio files.

Do I Need to Have Technical Expertise to start Podcasting?
You are not supposed to be a technical expert to start Podcasting. Neither you need to have any kind of special instruments. If you have a computer with Internet connection and a microphone you can begin Podcasting right now and publish your audio shows. People all around the world can listen to your voice. Podcasting is becoming more and more popular because it is free and you can listen to these audio files at you convenience after downloading them to portable media players.

What is the Meaning of Word Podcasting?
Combining two words makes up pod casting. First one is iPod and the second one is broadcasting. IPod is the name of a digital music player manufactured by Apple. However, you need not to have an iPod to listen to the Podcasting today because Podcasting clients are capable of working with most of the digital audio players now. Furthermore, you also do not require any special kind of software to listen to the Podcasts.

Where Do I Find The Podcasts?
There are many Podcast directories on the web. Name of some popular directories are iPodder.org, PodcastAlley and Podcasting News. There are number of methods used to rank the Podcasts. Ranking of the Pod casts vary with the method used for ranking. One method counts the number of clicks at famous Podcast directories. Another method compares how many times a particular Pod cast is downloaded. Third method asks users to vote on to rank the Podcasts.

How Do I Make Effective Podcasts?
While you are recording your Podcasts always keep in the mind that the environment produces a great effect on the quality of the sound. You should choose a location for recording that absorbs the sound instead of echoing it back. How close you keep the microphone when you are recording your voice also makes a big impact on the sound quality of Podcasts.

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