Podcasting: The Hottest Online Word of The Day

If you are a frequent Internet surfer, then Podcasting should not be new word for you because it is the hottest online word today. Though the word Podcasting resembles the word broadcasting in pronunciation but its meaning is very much different from the concept of broadcasting. Putting simply, Podcast is a method of automatically downloading audio files from Internet to your IPod, computer or any other portable media device like MP3 player. The audio file is published using the RSS feeds. The enclosure field of RSS feed includes the details of audio file making it totally different from the ordinary RSS feed. You can imagine it as a talking feed.

Podcasting- Growing Very Fast
Popularity of Podcasting is growing in leaps and bounds. Forrester Research says that the number of Podcasting listeners is going to cross twelve million by the end of this decade. Doesn’t it look like an impressive figure?

List of topics for Podcasting is also endless. You can have a Pod cast on a wide range of subjects from business, hobbies and rents to obsession and fantasies. Duration of a Podcast show may vary from ten minutes to thirty minutes normally. However, there are some shows that are much longer than thirty minutes. Costly music licensing and red tape has been a hurdle in coming up of much music Podcasts. Some musicians have found an escape route and using their own recordings on their Podcast.

You do not require any kind of special instrument to listen to the Pod casts. If any software is capable of playing the sound file, you may use it to listen to the Podcasts. However, if you want to listen to Podcasts while you are on the move, then you have to buy a portable media player such as an iPod, compatible mobile phone or a MP3 player.

What is RSS?
If you are new to computer terminology, then the word RSS might creating confusions in your mind. But you should not bother about it even if you do not know any thing about the computer programming. RSS is nothing but simply a kind of XML computer code that lets the listener subscribe Podcast shows and keeps them aware of latest developments.

There are several web sites on the Internet where you can find list of Podcasts. Some of these are podblaze.com, podcastalley.com and podcastbunker.com. You may find other directories also while searching on MSN, Yahoo, Google and other popular search engines.

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