Project Management Help for First-Time Bloggers

Since magazines like Time and Newsweek et al have been relentless in their coverage of the supersonic speed of which the popularity of blogs is rising, maybe you’ve decided to see for yourself what it’s all about.

That’s great because blogging is an amazing invention of today’s world and one – as you’ll realize later on – that you and your company can learn NOT to live without. A blog is more or less an online journal – but this journal doesn’t have to be private or solely about your personal life. You can also use it to make information about your company’s products and services more accessible to your clients.

The sky’s the limit on what you can write so content is never a problem – but programming is!

Project Management Aid from Fantastico’s Twins

To help bloggers use an efficient and highly organized module in their blogs, The makers of Dotproject and Dotprojekt created PHP web-based project management frameworks that can let them enjoy use of online calendar, contact lists, help desk, multi language support and many other things.

The dotproject and dotprojekt scripts are mostly identical so bloggers can choose either when it’s time to install a project management script in their blogs. For the time being however, and to let you afford a glimpse of the benefits that these project management scripts can give you, here ‘s a list of features that you can expect to enjoy from dotprojekt:

Optional Group System – Blog owners are given the choice to set up a group system in their blogs if they so prefer.

25 Language Support – Multi-language support is a very important factor in all scripts and plays a large role in determining its worldwide success. When a person finds a script unable to support his native language, he usually ends up shopping for just another script and this time – one that would really understand his language. With Dotprojekt however, you need not worry about it in that score as Dotprojekt comes equipped with system support for 25 of the most widely used languages!

Calendar – Dotprojekt allows you to do many things with your blog’s calendar. First, it gives you the option to choose between single and group mode in viewing your calendar entries.

Single mode allows you to view for your daily, weekly and monthly schedules as well as the complete list of calendar entries if you wish. Group mode on the other hands lets you view schedules of a group of users in simultaneous fashion.

Blog owners can also insert events into the schedule of his readers or subscribers who have submitted their email addresses to his mailing list. They can also create profiles for the most used groups. Events can also be repeated automatically if you tell dotProjekt to remember certain events on a certain time and date every month or year.

Contact Manager – There are many things that you can do in your blog once you have properly installed Dotprojekt. First of all, you can now start importing and exporting contact details of your blog’s subscribers in different formats with ease! You can also view related notes of any particular reader if you wish. The filter system used by dotProjekt also makes user search a very painless task.

Chat – Dotprojekt makes your blog unique among others because it allows you to know which of your subscribers are online. Better yet, you can also save your actual chat dialogue or discussion in a file just in case key data has been part of your chat session.

Forum – Make your blog interactive by dedicating one of its pages to a fully operational forum. Dotprojekt allows forum owners to view threads in a tree structure, enjoy a trouble-free filter system and get to print postings!
Mail Client – Dotprojekt also allows blog owners to send and receive emails to and fro their users or subscribers. Blog owners can also specify rules to automatically place certain emails under certain categories.

Installing Dotprojekt and Dotproject with Fantastico
If you’re eager to use either of the project management scripts in your blog but feel a little intimidated at the expected hardships of its installation process, worry no more because all you have to do is use Fantastico to install them for you. Sit back, relax and let Fantastico do your job!

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