Social Network Marketing: A Resource Guide to Gather

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Gather is found at and makes use of networking through passions and common interests people share. In addition, Gather is a place adults can socialize and earn gift cards to popular stores or charitable donations, through the Gather points program. Also, Gather members can even earn cash. Furthermore, Gather members’ can share their images, create blogs, join groups, and comment on other member’s images and articles. To continue, you can join this network by clicking on the "sign up-it’s free" button.

First, you need to enter your first and last name, and check whether or not you want to display your full last name, or just the initial. Second, type in your city state, and country. Third, create a username and password. Fourth, type in your email and the verification text that they provide. Next, read Gather’s terms of service page, community guidelines page and agree that you are over 13 years old, by checking the box provided. Finally, click on the "sign up- it’s free" button, which takes you to a page that displays your username and namespace.

Next, you can fill in your city, your state, your gender, and your birth date information that is kept private, but is used to display relevant content by Gathers partners and sponsors. Then, you can decide whether or not, to be notified when someone comments, sends a private message, when you receive a group invitation, or when you receive a connection request.

Then, you can publish anything such as a story poem or recipe. You’re limited only to your imagination. Furthermore, you can share your photos, find other members that share your interests, and invite friends to Gather. Also, you can join groups or create your own groups. In addition, you can subscribe to other members’ groups with RSS feeds. Moreover, social bookmarking allows you to share popular content on Gather at two sites and What’s more, in the "update settings" page you can choose to approve viewing of mature content such nudity and vulgar language.

Additionally, you can read reviews of movies and hear from the actors’ themselves. Still, you can even write your own reviews. Also, you can share your travel adventures and photos in the travel section. Next, in the health section you can share your experiences and get information from health experts. Then, in the writing section you can get reviews on the latest books. Furthermore, you can read and learn writing tips to strengthen your writing skills.

Next, the news section provides a place to publish the latest news in your hometown and read what’s going on around the world. Then, in the political area you can share your views with members of Gather. Furthermore, in the food section you can read tips from expert chefs and read about new recipes. Finally, in the money section you can get financial advice from leading experts in the financial field.

Also, Gather can send you news, updates, and your networks activity, on a daily or weekly basis through email. Then, notification can be emailed to you when your friends, family, or colleagues publish an article, upload a photo, change their profile, comment, or connect to a new person. In addition, you can browse author’s articles and subscribe to them. Finally, you can search for groups that you are interested in.

Making friends at is easy to do by the power of networking through common interest, and shared passions. First, you can search for members you know by clicking on the "invite" tab. Second, click on the "current members" link. Third, you can search by first name, last name, username, email, or location. Fourth, under the "invite" tab you can send emails to your friends, family, and colleagues asking them to join Gather. Furthermore, you will be connected to people you invite to join Gather, automatically when they sign up. Also, you can click the on the "connect" button when you are interested in becoming friends with someone. Then, they will receive your request and be able to accept or decline your invitation.

What’s more, you can join groups by clicking on the "invite" tab and by clicking on the "joining link". Next, you can type in your own tag and click on the "submit" button. In addition, you have the option of clicking on one of the "popular tags" located on the left hand side of the "search groups" page. Furthermore, you can join a group you are interested in by clicking on the "join this group" box on the left hand side of the page. Still, if you just want to keep up with a group you can "subscribe" to the group. Furthermore, you can create your own Gather group by clicking on the "groups" tab and "create a group" link. In addition, you can comment on other members’ articles, photographs and more.

Making money by using Gather tools to publish articles and photos can be easy too. For example, if you own a website that sells bulbs and seeds you could publish an article on "How to Start Seedlings". Then, you could add a picture of tulips to link to your bulb page on your website. Furthermore, you could enter your website URL in the article.

In addition, to publish your own article, you go to the "publish" tab and click on the "publish an article" button. Next, type in a title for your article and cut and paste, or type your article in the area provided. Then, type in your own tags or use suggested tags. Furthermore, you can add images, create links and format text with editing tools Gather offers. Next, if you owned a photography company, you could upload your pictures and type in your website address.

Furthermore, you can earn "Gather Points" by publishing articles. In addition, you can earn "Gather points" for each new person you invite. Also, you can earn "Gather points" for publishing images too. Moreover, you can publish pictures and select who can view them.

Additionally, these points are a reward for members to participate on the site. For example, right now one "Gather point" is worth about $.02. What’s more, "Gather points" can be redeemed for gift certificates, donations, and services. For instance, some Gather partners are; Uncommon Goods, Borders, Brookstone, Omaha Steaks, Delightful Deliveries, Pretty Good Goods, The Home Depot, Cruises Only, Vacation Outlet, My Wines Direct, and more. Moreover, these gift certificates range from $10.00 to $50.00.

What’s more, you can earn cash as a top contributing Gather member. Moreover, to be eligible you need to make $50.00 or 3,000 Gather points on a monthly basis. Finally, Gather pays their members when they choose, by check or PayPal.

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