Social Networking Is Broken

‘Social network is broken’, now that sounds quite vague, doesn’t it? Social network is the most happening thing today over the Internet. There are hundreds of websites who are trying harder each day to bring millions of people in touch with each other. The most generic options of socializing are through Myspace, blogs, forums, IM / e-mail, phone and even real meetings. They provide the opportunity for both virtual and real meetings.

Many people say that after 18 months of experimenting with websites like RYZE, it is back to square one. You are back to where you initially began. It is quite disheartening at times and that is how networks really get broken. The general question that people have started asking is that how broken is the networking? There are so many websites like Myspace and RYZE that you have to pinch yourself and ask which one to use to contact someone. The next most obvious question is that If there are more than one such website, then which would be the best messaging system? Confusion galore!

The Black Book Guidelines
You might get a glimpse of similar websites if you do a search on Google. And you can also go in and register at some of them. The latest news is that most people who have done so probably don’t remember at the end of the day, which ones they are in and which was the last one they left. So the absolute facts are that most of the time none of these social networks are going to be there on your desktop, unless you happen to have their page open. And then there are the exceptions in the form of Ecademy, Tribe and Flickr. In either of the three, you will not get to know whether any of my friends are online or not. That is as distasteful as it can get. There are many people who have actually quit and more are on the way. These websites have failed miserably in providing the basic need of socializing and communicating by building networks.

So it’s high time to refocus and try to bring in new functionalities and capabilities to the existing ones. The other option would be to come up with something very innovative and yet subtle. If you cannot communicate then the meaning is lost. There’s a program, which is in the pipeline and is called Pmatch. It will be taken out for Nokia 3650 handset. Pmatch is innovative and groundbreaking. It allows 3650 users to find out about other people with similar interests without revealing their own personal information. Now that’s technology at it’s best.

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