Telemarketing Equipments

In search for a highly effective yet less expensive telemarketing equipment for your own business or company? If so, then don’t worry. A number of telemarketing equipments and software have now gained entry into almost every field. They promise ease of use and reliability and this is perhaps one of the reasons why you are now considering telemarketing equipment.

Well, telemarketing equipments and software are now highly considered by most companies knowing that they greatly aid the business in enhancing the telemarketers’ efficiency, in particular. They are even great tools of keeping track of all actions and calls, and they greatly allow administrative role for particular users as they can assist them in monitoring and evaluating the agents. With all these capabilities of telemarketing equipments, it’s no wonder that today these tools become more than just a necessity for every telemarketing company.

Here are some of the well-known and highly valued telemarketing equipments that could provide answer to your telemarketing needs. Just read on and enjoy knowing about them.


Designed and developed by Database Systems Corp., one of the leading providers of telemarketing software solutions as well as telemarketing phone equipments or systems that are ideally suited for call centers and service support organizations, the PACER is an outbound telemarketing dialer and call center phone system that handles inbound and outbound telemarketing calls for a vast range of contact centers. According to the proponents of this telemarketing equipment, the calls are either initiated by the phone system or accepted from the outside and then distributed in an intelligent fashion to the service agents.

Another thing to note about the PACER is that this equipment includes ACD and IVR components. It even has a recording capability. And, when you employ industry standard components, this telemarketing equipment has features and functions that can only be found in large scale PBX’s. It can also connect calls to the company’s employees working at home or in a local or remote office.


The TELEMATION is but another powerful telemarketing equipment developed by Database Systems Corp. According to the company, TELEMATION is their award-winning Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application used in a wide variety of organizations, including help desks, contact centers, service bureaus, customer service centers, reservation centers and corporate call centers. And, perhaps what’s best about this telemarketing tool is that the package has extensive CTI features and is fully integrated with the company’s PACER phone system.


DialVision is said to be a 100 percent web-based CIM application and telemarketing software dialer that can be used by a call center or department to handle outbound telemarketing campaigns. This telemarketing equipment is supported by inbound and blended campaigns and it is written in HTML. As such, DialVision is widely recognized as a thin-client application that needs only the use of a web browser at the workstation of a telemarketer.

Agent Station Deluxe Predictive Dialers

The predictive dialers developed by Agent Station Deluxe are basically telephone dialer systems that automatically places calls from a pre-loaded database list of numbers on a single line or multiple lines. These telemarketing equipments work to detect answering machines and voicemail devices, and will even deliver pre-recorded messages if you choose, detect busy signals and disconnected numbers, as well as updates that your contact management automatically with live agent interaction.

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