Telemarketing in Auckland

Auckland has long been uniquely deemed to be the first city to see the start of every business day. It is well-recognized as one of New Zealand’s modern and business friendly cities, which complements Melbourne and Sydney but provide its own unique business and lifestyle opportunities. And, with its open deregulated market, stable and transparent English speaking western democracy, and a low compliance and tax burden, it’s no wonder that Auckland city is considered by many as the perfect strategic regional base for the international business.

According to some reports, the Auckland city is the powerhouse of New Zealand’s economy. The main support for this claim is that the Auckland region accounted for more than 34 percent of national GDP, and more than half of the country’s top 200 companies have their headquarters in Auckland. It is further interesting to know that there has been a significant rise in the property and business services sectors over the last seven years. In fact, an average of 5.9 percent growth per annum has been reported. Perhaps one of the biggest business services sectors that have been contributing to the wealth of the city is the Information Communication Technology as well as call centers, to which the Telemarketing in Auckland belongs.

Today, there are a number of companies offering telemarketing in Auckland. These telemarketing centers have their headquarters in the city itself, making Auckland one of New Zealand’s call center hubs. Now, if you want to know what companies offering telemarketing services are there in Auckland city, then here are few of them:

Qwest Telemarketing Services

Located in 10 A Cameron Pl Ranui, Auckland, the Qwest Telemarketing Services is a call center company that has long been offering telemarketing in Auckland, with services such as appointment setting, telephone sales, initial contact, cold calling, telephone surveys, follow up calls, and customer services. One thing to note about this company is that it has been serving the public for more than 25 years, and is now run by a person named Wendy who has involved working for a variety of types of companies both in New Zealand and United Kingdom.

First Contact

First Contact is but another notable company serving the Auckland region with its telemarketing services. This company is actually an integrated multimedia contact center that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is composed of professional operators who can answer all your phone calls all day. Today, as a company offering telemarketing in Auckland, it is nice to know that First Contact offers telephone assist service, office assist, business assist, media assist, and customer service assist.

Mayer Consultants Limited

Mayer Consultants Limited, located in Weatherly Road Torbay, Auckland, is a specialist in customer management training and consulting. It is managed and maintained by specialists in call center and telemarketing staff development and they have been developing and offering training for call center and telemarketing in Auckland for more than 15 years. With its expertise in the call center and telemarketing field, it’s no wonder that Mayer Consultants Limited is now considered as one of the most successful companies offering telemarketing in Auckland region.

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