Telemarketing Jobs

Telephone marketing has been around for a long time. Many businesses and companies in the past have offered telemarketing jobs services; however, it is only in the recent years that telemarketing has been creating a huge buzz around itself. One of the most well-known countries in the world that became a hub for telemarketing jobs is India, and it continues to carry its crown up to these days.

In the telemarketing field, apart form the local products which are usually marketed, the large amount of outsourcing that has been happening for international products is amazing. Numerous reports have noted that with such growth, the telemarketers can now perform their telemarketing jobs in a variety of settings. Mostly their telemarketing jobs involve calling up prospective clients, spreading awareness of the product or service, or to try and settle a deal over the phone.

However, the telemarketing jobs that telemarketers are subject to perform generally follow a highly patterned and structured format. It is typical that this structure varies for every business or company. Also worthy to note is the fact that in a telemarketing environment, the telemarketing jobs do not exempt the executive to handle the calls. They are usually required to make outgoing calls with a guide, which the telemarketers call as “telemarketing scripts” that are prepared by the management.

The telemarketing jobs scripts are developed for two particular aims. The first is for selling goods or services, and the other is for finding out what kinds of products or service most people buy. This is by far a way of researching the consumer trends.

Telemarketing Jobs Working Hours and Work Environment

If you are working as a full time telemarketer, it is so typical that you will work between 35 to 40 hours a week. On the other hand, for part-time telemarketing jobs, the working hours might range anywhere between 25 to 30 hours per week. It is just necessary to note that there is one particular rule that telemarketers should follow when it comes to the exercise of their telemarketing jobs or duties, that is, the Direct Marketing Authority Code of Practice which recommends that no telemarketing jobs should take place between 9 PM and 8 AM.

Telemarketing Jobs Structures of Salary Available

If you are considering telemarketing jobs, note that the actual rates of pay may vary. It is often reported that the new entrants might start on a salary ranging from Rs.6000 to about Rs.11,000 a month for full time telemarketing jobs, while a salary of Rs.2500 to about Rs.4000 a month for part-time telemarketing jobs.

However, those telemarketers involved in the sales may get incentives in addition to their basic salary. In a telemarketing jobs environment, the operators who use a special skill, like a foreign language, may also be paid at a higher rate than the ones who market the local products.

Telemarketing Jobs Personal Qualities and Skills Required

Just like the other jobs out there, there are certain qualifications required for telemarketing jobs. Included in the list are confidence when talking to strangers, a clear and fluent telephone voice, the ability to understand a wide range of accents, the ability to work quickly and under pressure, stamina, the ability to key in accurate data while talking on the phone, the ability to sound cheerful at all times, the ability to deal efficiently and patiently with all customers, and persuasive skills as well as the ability to accept rejection without becoming downhearted.

If you’ve got all these telemarketing jobs qualities, then you might be the right agent that most telemarketing companies are looking for.

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