The Portable Generation

To break the monotony of being confined to your home office, the best investment that you can get for your SOHO business is a notebook or a laptop.

A notebook or laptop computer allows you the flexibility to do your work anywhere. Desktop systems are of course, desktop systems that leave you chained to your home office desk but notebook or laptop systems allow you to go into coffee shops, libraries or do work while you’re having your car fixed.

Years ago, laptops were over $2,000 dollars and only a few people can afford them. These days, you can get a nice laptop for $600.00 dollars and many computer companies are making laptops and notebooks just for SOHO business owners with suite application software included in the package.

Surveys show that computer users between 18-30 prefer notebooks and laptops instead of big desktop systems because of the ability to take work on the go with them. The generation before them (baby boomers and Vietnam War generation people) prefers desktops because most don’t see the need of carrying a portable computer around with them. That generation is still trying to learn how to effectively use the computer.

What’s so great about laptops is that wireless internet devices are built into the laptop. This means that you can get the internet in your favorite coffee shop, library or bookstore. Some establishments have free wireless internet that you can use and some establishments have a small card that you have to pay for to get on the net.

Most neighborhoods are converting into wireless hub neighborhoods which will allow you to get the internet for free. Many companies are exploring the option of free wireless internet in a certain geographical region and this will allow the internet to be picked up in cars and busses. Some cities have converted a few buses into internet buses so that passengers can have access to the internet while they are on the bus.

So notebooks and laptops can free you from the monotony of working at home. Join the portable generation and buy a system. You’ll love the flexibility!

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