Tips On Optimizing A Lead Capture Page For Effective Opt-In List Generation

A lead capture page is a very crucial marketing tool that can spell the difference between making huge profits and having zero sales for an online business. Utilizing a lead capture page will greatly enhance the efforts of a business to reach out and connect with its target customers online.

A lead capture page is basically a website that enables a company or an online business to obtain important contact information online like names and e-mail addresses of Internet users who have visited such website. Consequently, the information collected will be applied in marketing and communication activities aimed toward the potential or existing customers-also known as leads; briefing them about ongoing promotions, new products and services, and other facts about the company.

While having a good number of leads captured through a lead capture page can really make your online marketing easy and economical, lead capture pages should be able to generate a huge opt-in list to really increase the chances that customers will consider the company’s products and marketing stunts. An opt-in list is a record of website visitors who give permission or consent to receive a company’s promotional materials or newsletters among others.

An opt-in list has grown out of the numerous Internet marketing materials; with the primary purpose of eliminating unwanted and abusive marketing e-mails. An opt-in list results in a mutual satisfaction between online marketers and customers. As persons in opt-in lists consent to receiving advertisements and solicitations by online marketers, these materials are expected to be more personal and relevant to the person they are intended for.

It is unavoidable, even for online businesses, to continuously call for a stream of online target customer information to grow and make it big on the Internet. For any online marketing campaign to become meaningful, you must have a good lead capture page that is optimized to generate an opt-in list of potential and existing customers. An online business must be sure that its lead capture webpage is equipped with an opt-in list builder component.

Keep It Short And Simple

For an optimized opt-in list generation system, a lead capture page must be simple enough for targeted customers to understand. It should include key points about the information you want to impart to them. It should not take more than thirty seconds for your website visitors to read the contents of your lead capture page.

As almost all prospects or leads do not want to go through a very long queue of information, an overflowing and complicated lead capture page may earn confusion and distrust, if not hostilities. On the other hand, having simplified information content will make your lead capture web visitors pay more attention to what you have to offer and the chances that they will actually give you permission to send them marketing e-mails, thereby becoming members of your opt-in list, is almost certain.

Stick With The Basic Information

The real cause for the failure of some lead capture pages in performing their intended purpose is their tendency to ask for information that a prospect would otherwise give to trusted family members or friends; like credit card or even social security numbers. Optimized lead capture pages focus on asking basic personal data only. The full name, e-mail address, and an explicit consent to receive online marketing materials should be enough requirements for a lead capture page.

You should plan your information requirements in such a way that you will be able to know your prospects and meet your objectives without causing undue discomfort to your leads in terms of volunteering for information. Learn not to ask too much question during entry into your opt-in list. After all, when a lead has signed into your list, you have all the opportunity to ask for additional information in later marketing efforts.

Give Out Rewards

A good lead capture page provides rewards to prospects who sign up for the opt-in list. As you do business with your prospects, it is a good bet that you will need timely and relevant information about them later in your business relationship. Prospects are more likely to take the time to volunteer additional information for your opt-in list if you provide a reward system at every stage of interaction.

Surely, a few discounts here and some freebies there will not hurt your business. On the contrary, giving out rewards will result to better customer profiles in your list because of higher reply rate from prospects.

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