Using Auto Responders

Do you often feel you spend more time answering customer e-mails then working on your business itself? Are your customers getting upset with how long it is taking you to reply? If you’ve answered “yes” to either of these questions then you’ll be able to comprehend the benefits of auto-responders.

Auto responders come in different forms. Some run along with your mail program and still others are completely separate. Either auto responder will accomplish many tasks. If you have specialized e-mail needs to deal with or have a lot of e-mail that needs to be handled, you may want to think about the auto responder program that’s run through your web host.

Auto responders are wonderful for maintaining customers satisfaction with fast answers to their most general questions. Say you have a newsletter that your customers can subscribe to. An auto responder can automatically distribute a newsletter without you doing anything. You can set this up for questions concerning general information like price lists.

Not only do auto responders make everyday e-mail tasks faster, but they can also be very helpful in mailing batches of other information to your customers. For example, say you’ve changed your price list need to inform your customers, or you’ve written an article that you want to distribute to your mail list. You can utilize an auto responder to take care of this chore for you.

Adding a personalized signature to auto responder messages is easy. You can include whatever contact information and message you like and you also give the messages a personalized touch customers respond positively to.

Auto responders are one of your best assets because they save time and money. Not only because most auto responders are free, but because they take mundane, time-consuming tasks and make them easier. Consider how much other work you can accomplish while your auto responder deals with the routine e-mail tasks for you.

They are also important assets because they keep your customers from becoming disgruntled with the slow reply that they would receive if you had to deal with your e-mails individually. And everyone knows that unhappy customers don’t make return visits, which means sales are lost.

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