Using Correct SEO Keywords

Your web presence should be dynamic and have the feel of a million dollar corporation. As a SOHO business, you don’t have to be average on the internet in terms of look, feel or marketing your web-site. Finding your web-site is just as important.

Keywords can assist your site in becoming more prominent. Keywords can assist in giving you a higher search engine ranking and help your site become easier to find. Keywords are very, very important in the grand scheme of marketing your business on the internet.

Let’s look at how keywords are traditionally used outside of the internet. The phone book or an alphabetical index is a great way to look at the effectiveness of keywords. Phone books are formatted from A to Z, alphabetically. The main keywords, which makes the directory, are listed in the phone book with it’s sub-directory under it.

For example, if your were looking for plumbing, then you would go to the directory that starts alphabetically with the letter “P”. You would find “plumbing” and then you would look for the sub-category which could be “Plumbing Services”, “Plumbing Supplies”, “Plumbing Technicians”, etc.

Depending on what product or service you sell, your keywords could be sub categories of your service or product. If you were in the plumbing field and you had a web-site, your keywords would look like this so that people could have a greater chance of finding you:

Plumbing Supplies in Miami Florida, Plumbing Accessories, Plumbing Pipes, Plumbing Accessories, Plumbing Emergencies, Free Estimate Plumbing, Certified Plumbers

That’s the magic of using keywords! You can put anything that remotely identifies with your business or service. If someone was looking for “plumbing Supplies in Miami Florida” they would most likely find you and your service.

If you are having a site developed, talk to your web developer about the proper use of keywords to enhance and optimize your web-site.

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