Using Microsoft Outlook As Your Virtual Office

If you are a SOHO and you are thinking about using MS Office XP, you get a great benefit because it also comes with Microsoft Office XP.

Think of Microsoft Office XP as your “administrative assistant”. Whereas MS Office was your “virtual correspondent”, MS Outlook is your helper, providing you the power for email, scheduling, creating and maintaining contact databases, writing down the tasks you have to do, establishing a journal that can be a personal or business journal or if you got to have it, and your addicted to them, they even have Post It notes that you can use to remind you of things!

Again, let’s look at the different components of Microsoft Outlook.

Calendar – A successful business owner has a powerful scheduling program. MS Outlook XP has that. The calendar program allows you to book appointments, set reminders of when projects are due and use legends to annotate meetings and what type of activities you are scheduling. The program sends you reminders of what’s due for the day, week or month.

Contacts – MS Outlook XP has a great Contacts program that’s advanced than the program that’s in Microsoft Outlook Express, which is just an email client. You can input all kinds of information about cont acts in this module and create your own user fields. You can also email from this program and it integrates into Microsoft Word XP for Mail Merge configuration.

Email – If you have your own business server, you can establish your emails using the email client. It supports POP servers and has a ton of good modules within it. You can encrypt important documents and send them to clients, flag important messages and email straight from the contact database.

Journal – The journal program assists you in keeping notes about any issue that you want to record. It even has a timer included to help you respond to customers in a timely manner.

Tasks – The Task module provides you with the flexibility to write certain tasks down in simplistic form. It’s more basic than the calendar.

Notes – Okay! Microsoft Corporation in their wisdom knew that people were addicted to their Post It Notes and provided a module for them to do it electronically. You can create Post It Notes to annotate anything that you desire.

So if you’re looking for a good “virtual correspondent”, MS Outlook is a good package to start with.

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