Using Viral Marketing for Opt-In List Building

The only direction for anyone involved in business is forward. This is to keep it going against other competitors who will also want to have a share in the market. Now, the person can try to win the battle alone but it is better to get some help along the way.

The entrepreneur can hire additional staff but if this is too costly, a good approach that can also have productive results is viral marketing. All the individual has to do is write a message and then email this to someone who in turn will do the same similar to a chain letter.

The only difference is that the person will not get any bad luck for disregarding the message but may get incentives or earn commission should the customer refer someone else who is interested.

The town where the entrepreneur is in may have a population of more than 10,000 or more. Can one honestly say that the individual knows everyone there? Maybe not even half, which is why the best way to get more people will be to build an Opt-In Email List.

Is it easy to build an Opt-In email list? Yes but just like starting any business, the first thing that has to be made is a marketing plan. This means doing some research including knowing who is the target audience.

When the individual already has an idea, the next thing to do will be to think how much will be spent in acquiring this list. This also includes knowing how many email addresses should be acquired in a month. Some people may not be interested so allowance must be given for shortfalls.

For instance, in 10 emails that have been acquired, converting five or six of these to potential customers is not that bad to succeed in viral marketing.

So how does one build the opt-in email list after doing the research? One way will be doing the same thing that others in the business are doing. This means communicating with the competitor and believe it or not, some of these individuals are kind enough to help.

Sometimes doing something unconventional works. Multi-level marketers use leads coming from a similar company who have clients on its active file that has the customer’s name and email address.

Another way to get more clients will be to send a proposal to websites that are related to the product being offered. This may produce positive or negative results but the person will never known unless one tries.

The opt-in email list is still a hit or miss kind of thing. But this will surely allow the entrepreneur to reach other people instead of just referrals from friends and family. When some people are hooked, these customers can be turned into agents who can earn a commission or incentives for every referral.

The entrepreneur can offer cash or do what retail stores do which is offer credit or rebates. People are more determined when there is something to gain instead of not getting anything in return.

The opt-in email list is a start to get more customers if this approach has never been done before. The sales may not be the same every month and there will periods of highs and lows. This is the reason the entrepreneur should always have something new to offer so regular customers will always return for more.

Incentives can also be given to new customers. One way will be to offer a free item for every ten that have been purchased. There are different ways to do this and the decision is really up to the individual.

Coming up with a commercial to be aired on television or on the radio and putting up a billboard are just one of the ways to sell a product. Given that the entrepreneur wants to try viral marketing and the only medium is the net, the person really has to come up with an opt-in email list to succeed in viral marketing.

It will be hard at first to get the list or to increase the sales. As long as the entrepreneur is consistent, it will happen and the money will start coming in.

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