Viral mini e-books

Mini e-books are quite simply, one of the most viral tools in your arsenal. While giving them away, you can collect sign-ups – if you give others permission to give them away, you’ll then generate yet MORE sign-ups and buzz in your niche.

Below are some tips on how to go viral with mini e-books:

Tip #1 on “Viral mini e-books”:

Torrents are a great way to get your name out there – and to give people a way to download your book without needing to wait for sluggish servers. It’ll also take the load off YOUR server – peer to peer downloading is both efficient and cost effective, saving web masters bandwidth and hosting fees. Upload your book to as many of the legitimate torrent sites as you can find – even open office uses a torrent system to distribute its software!

Tip #2 on “Viral mini e-books”:

Give so you can receive – the laws of reciprocity are easy – give something more and people are more likely to sign up – if you’re selling your book – offer valuable matching bonuses that enhance what you are offering – if you’re giving it away, find some other items that you can give to match it, or offer a discount on another of your products.

Tip #3 on “Viral mini e-books”:

Create a stir by making it exclusive. You may find that making your book ‘exclusive’ to a handful of sites for the first few weeks raises its perceived value. Having 20, or 30 people distribute your content from the get go will make people believe you are desperate to get rid of it – which means that you may not believe in its value – however, if you only allow a select few the rights to distribute it, at first, you’ll find that your perceived value goes through the roof, and people may clamor to sign up.

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