Ways to use PLR articles to build opt-in list

Maximize the traffic in any website by giving visitors a chance to come back to that website again. One of the ways to keep them coming back for more is to have them sign up and become members of an opt-in list. An opt-in list refers to a list of the email addresses of people who have given their permission to receive publications from the site owner.

An opt-in list will get visitors hooked to the website because once they are included in that list they will be able to receive publications, offers and other promotional materials of the site. Most websites offer people who sign in their opt-in list a chance to receive newsletters according to their interests.

But how does a website owner get these visitors to visit his site in the first place? One of the best ways to keep visitors coming is to provide articles that will interest them. The site owner can write the articles himself or if he does not have a vast resource of materials then he can take advantage of free articles that are available on the web.

One strategy to get a good number of articles on a variety of topics is to get private label rights articles. These are ready made articles that anyone can claim as his own by putting his byline on it. Some people get public label articles and have others rewrite them to make them unique.

Public label rights articles come cheap so expect them to flood the web. In fact, expect private label articles to sprout in almost all websites even if two or more people are claiming them as their own.

A website should contain unique articles to offer something new to the visitors. Furthermore, some sites are penalized for flooding the web with very common private label rights articles.

To avoid falling into this pit, make sure that all private able rights articles posted on the site have been rewritten so they will look like new articles and not rehashed ones. Visitors who often visit the Internet will easily notice if the articles used by the site are not unique. Who would want to sign up with an opt-in list if he can get the same articles somewhere else?

To attract more people to sign up for the opt-in list, make sure to offer them something new all the time. If they see that the site has unique articles that are related to what they need then they might be encouraged to sign up, making it possible for the owner to build a massive opt-in list.

Remember that private label articles are not meant to be posted or distributed on the web as is. These are articles that require further tweaking and they can be a source of future unique articles. Site owners should allow private label articles to serve their purpose by using them properly.

Aside form being regular features of the site, private label articles can also be used as a teaser for people who will sign up in the opt-in list. Research on the needs of the target market and then encourage them to sign in for the opt-in list in exchange for articles they can use in their business or any way they want.

There are private label rights packages that come with ebooks. The ebook can be turned into a series of articles to be sent out to those in the opt-in list as additional service for them. People would love to receive how to articles which is the usual content of ebooks.

In some cases, private label articles can be turned into a special one whole report that can be distributed as an incentive to those in the opt-in list. Of course, one has to revise and amend the private label article to make them unique.

The private label articles can also be submitted to article site after some revisions so they appear new and unique articles. These can be submitted and they can be allowe4d to use them for free provided the articles contain a link back to the site. People who read the articles can then see the link and then click on it to get more information on the subject.

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