Your Web Presence Is Important – Part 5

The web developer is almost finished with your site. You have the URL or name of your site but you need to attach that address to an invisible home out on the Internet.

How would you do that?

It’s simple; you contact a web hosting company that specializes in providing web servers to put your internet site on. Think of hosting servers as a plot of land that you build your house (web-site) on for people to see. You’ve already bought the address so now, you have to buy or rent the land that the address will represent.

Hosting servers actually allow the web developer to load the site up to a specific designated spot on the internet by using a File Transfer Protocol (FTP). The developer uses FTP software to load your web-site up to the address that you have selected. It acts as a piece of software that takes your developed site from a computer and puts it in cyberspace.

Hosting servers also allow the web developer to store files or different versions of sites that might be used later. It stores your actual web pages, files; video and audio snippets and can store certain documents too.

There are so many hosting companies on the internet. Hosting fees can range from 2.99 a month to 75.00 a month. It all depends on your site and what’s developed. Many hosting companies charge according to the bandwidth of your web-site.

Now as a small business owner, you may be asking yourself, “How can you update your web site and maintain it?” Well, unless you’ve had courses in Hyper Text Markup Language or other HTML editors, it’s going to be rough!

All web sites are translated into what you would call HTML readable code along with its cousins (XML, DHTML, etc). HTML was the first standard in making web pages “viewable” on the internet. If you don’t have knowledge in HTML, you can probably take a basic course just to be introduced to it.

Once you obtain your hosting server, the web developer can configure it to upload the finished site. Voila! You’re in business! But is it over? No!

You have to market your site and there are several ways to do that through Internet Marketing.

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